Most popular vacation destinations in Canada

Ice hockey, maple syrup, and kindness is probably the first thing that comes to mind when Canada is mentioned. We’re here to tell you there is far more to Canada than that, and it’s not just the routine. The upper part of the North America continent is rich with awe-inspiring nature and breathtaking views. Some of these locations are especially known and favored for their tranquility and uniqueness, making them the most popular vacation destinations in Canada. In the text that follows, we will go through some of the true gems that this wonderful country has to offer.

Pretty village, pretty Quebec

Percé is a small town in Quebec that has in its territory a village community also called Percé. Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island are the main reasons for many people’s visits. The former is a natural rock formation located near the sore. From a distance, it resembles a ship under sail. It is also one of the world’s largest arches located in the water. The latter homes numerous colonies of birds such as gannets, puffins cormorants and murres. So, take a kayak around the Percé Rock, or go for a hike around the Bonaventure Island. Whale watching is also a thing. Here you can even see North Atlantic right whales, which are one of the rarest whale species.

One of the most popular vacation destinations in Canada, as far as Canadians are concerned

Staford is a city in Ontario that lies on the Avon River. Even the local Toronto movers will tell you that it is one of the best vacation spots in Ontario. For fun seeking adventurers, stop by from May to October, during the Festival season. Here you will be able to see everything from Shakespeare to Sondheim to new Canadian plays. Your further options include numerous events with other theater-mad folks, such as theater-themed B&Bs, backstage tours and simple gatherings with the actors after the shows at local bars like Down the Street. And for those of you who enjoy a more quiet time, opt for a serene boat tour with Avon Boat Rentals.

A bit of history

If you are a history enthusiast, don’t skip the Fort Erie. It is a town on Niagara River in Ontario, mostly known for its prominent role in the War of 1812. Sites like the Ridgeway Battlefield National Historic Site of Canada will give you a sneak peek into the past. And, when the history lessons become too much, head over to Crystal Beach and have a swim or try sailing around Point Abino Bay. Consider having a hike on the Friendship trail or Niagara River Recreation Pathway. Both of them are a part of the Trans-Canada Trail system, wonderful trails of greenways, waterways, and roadways that stretch from the Atlantic and the Pacific, all the way to the Arctic ocean.

Named after the Grand Chief Membertou

Nova Scotia is a greatly favored area amongst the locals, with Membertou being one of its most beloved towns. Membertou Heritage Park will teach you all there is to know about Mi’kmaq people. This immersive exhibit will captivate your attention, and you’ll be glad to know that regional crafts are for sale. And while we’re talking about culture, stop by Cape Breton Miners Museum for an in-depth story of miner history.

A particular town in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a tourist’s favorite on its own. However, one particular town catches special attention. Watching over the north shore, North Rustico will make you fall in love in an instant. The first thing to admire is the North Rustico Lighthouse, that has been shining bright since 1876. Common entertainment includes anything from water activities such as sea kayaking, deep sea fishing, and boating, to land conquering through skating, hiking, and cycling. For those interested in history, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has a thing or two. Some will be excited to see a vampire-killing kit from the 19th century, while the others will let their mind drift while observing a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Difficult to pronounce, great to visit

We’re talking about Baie-D’Urfe, of course. Just ask your Toronto movers and packers about popular vacation destinations in Canada, and this tongue twister is bound to come up. You can have a relaxing holiday while enjoying a waterfront view and a bit of tamed nature. Zoo Ecomuseum will get you close to magnificent bears, beautiful snakes, and fascinating owls. Additionally, if you enjoy sitting at the dock of the bay, head to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal and let all the troubles drift away.

The city itself

For those of you who already live in Ottawa, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. However, some of you are still thinking about the best place to move, while others ponder over the most popular vacation destinations in Canada. Next, to being the countrie’s capital, Ottawa offers a lot for anyone willing to explore. Locals pay no special attention to the sight of the Parliament buildings, but a tourist is bound to stop and admire. Popular Broadhead Brewing Company guarantees a memorable afternoon. We also have some great news for LEGO fans. Stop by from May through September at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, and you will surely enjoy your stay. Rated by the CNN as one of the world’s must-see exhibitions, ”The Art of Brick” will take your breath away. It focuses solely on the LEGO creations, updating the show with new sculptures made specifically for each exhibition. Nathan Sawaya is the artist responsible for these masterpieces. What he creates from these simple and colorful blocks is simply breathtaking.