Make sure to prevent troubles – hire fine art movers

It is not a secret that nowadays it’s smarter to invest in fine art than in the stock market. If you are a proud owner of at least one antique piece you know what am I talking about. And it is not just about art anymore. It is about prestige. In fact, people are spending ridiculous amounts of money just to place a unique antique dining table in their home. But do not get me wrong. I am not trying to diminish the value of these beautiful works in any way. I deeply respect passionate art collectors. Therefore, I am well aware that whoever owns a fine art item, he treats it with utmost caution and responsibility. Considering this, you will agree that moving these masterworks is not an easy job. And you wouldn’t let anyone inexperienced to handle them. Luckily, some of the top-rated movers in Toronto have trained staff for this assignment. But whenever you are searching for fine art movers, you need to know what exactly you are looking for.

It is definitely not enough just to bluntly type “fine art movers” and pick the first Google result. Actually, it would be very very wrong. Especially because anyone can pay to pop-up as the first Google result, and unfortunately many times it is a scam. But I will talk about that later on. To get back to the point, there are several things you need to keep in your mind when you are starting a fine art movers pursuit. And there are things you can do yourself. One of them is to make sure that you choose wisely. Moving these items is very delicate, just like your precious belongings.

Searching for a reliable moving company

Finding good, reliable and experienced movers can be a tricky task. Especially if you are hiring movers for the first time. There are plenty moving companies on the market, and you need to find one that will relocate your belongings without any damages at the fair price. Maybe you’ll think now that the best solution is to find the most expensive ones. Even though there’s a fair point behind that conclusion, I must say it can lead you in the wrong direction. In this case, high price does not necessarily mean high quality.

A man in the art gallery
High price doesn’t necessarily mean high quality

Look for reviews

Once you find a moving company that you find interesting, look if there are any reviews on the internet. If someone already hired those fine art movers, I am sure that they will share their experience. Carefully read all recensions, and use common sense to try to recognize if any of those are false. As a fine art owner, you know what are the details that you need to pay attention to. For the purpose of trying to find the most objective customer experience, extend your search to the neutral forums. Even though it’s possible, here you’ll hardly find paid reviews or fake ones.

Professional Appraisal

Sometimes, the cost estimation for the move depends on the value of the belongings. When it comes to moving antique items, some moving companies charge extra. And it is totally understandable as some of these unique masterworks can be even priceless. And not just emotionally, but in general as well. On the other side, during cost estimation, moving company agent can wrongly appraise your fine art. Sometimes because he wants to use that extra charge loophole, and sometimes because he is inexperienced.

Look for the reliable fine art movers to relocate your sculptures
Make sure you have an objective appraisal of your art pieces.

In order to avoid these situations, make sure you hire a professional appraiser. There are two major types of appraisal that you need:

  1. The current value – general appraisal used for moving cost estimations.
  2. Replacement Value – the value used for the purpose of the insurance.

My suggestion would be to find a qualified fine art appraiser through art appraisal association or through art dealers association.

Insurance and Licenses

There are two things every highly professional and reliable moving company must have – insurance and license. As in every other branch, the company must have the license for the job. It is the first thing you need to check. This information is public and available to anyone. On the other side, you don’t want to let anyone touch your beloved piece of art without insurance. No one can assure you 100% that there will be no scratches or damages during the relocation process. Even with every possible precaution, just one road bump can make unpredicted casualty. That is exactly why you need to be sure that you will be fully compensated in the unfortunate case of events.

Compare fine art movers

As I said before, there are many Commercial Movers out there. One of the common mistakes, next to the choosing the most expensive option is to take the first offer. Try to find at least 3 fine art movers qualified for the job, and make a detailed comparison. Take into consideration things such as the price, experience with moving fine arts and customer reviews. You can always use this knowledge as a leverage during the negotiation process.

A unique vintage table with old candle-holder
Choose movers wisely to ensure safe moving of your belongings

Avoid fine art movers frauds

Scams and frauds in the moving industry are very common these days. That is why you need to be careful, especially if you are relocating fine art pieces. While searching, pay attention to the red flags. Those are the things that can raise suspicion. If you see that the price is too low, or too high, find out is there a viable reason for that. Instantly skip companies without insurance and licenses. Lack of reviews means that the company is either new or not a good one. Whichever may be the case, it doesn’t fit your needs.

But do not be worried about this, just be very precocious, and thorough during the research. I can assure you that there are very good and reliable fine art movers that will safely move your cherished belongings. Good luck!