When it comes to moving, always expect the unexpected. There are often new challenges that arise and surprises along the way. Our client, Ruba, was set to move her one bedroom condo. She hired two our Toronto movers and a truck for a late afternoon move. The weather was troublesome, and there was a lot of snow on the road. The surprise came when we entered her building and the service elevator was unavailable. The unit was pretty high up, but this didn’t stop the movers. They were determined to complete the job and make the client happy. They took the stairs up and down until they loaded all the belongings onto the truck. It was a challenge to say the least, but they persevered and got all the belongings onto the truck.

The fun did not stop there…

Once the movers arrived at the drop off location, the movers were relieved to see that there was an elevator to get all the belongings up to the new unit. Half way into unloading the truck, the elevator suddenly stopped and would not open. The movers were stuck in the elevator! They pressed the call button and luckily were able to receive immediate assistance. They got the elevator working about 15 minutes later and proceeded to finish the move. They got the move done in a little over four hours, which is a very good time considering the circumstances. Everyone got a good laugh out of this move, but it definitely had some real challenges.

Moving is not an easy job, but getting it done successfully, and seeing happy customers makes it worthwhile!

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Ruba Kassem

Sergio and Tony were amazing, very friendly and cooperative! They helped us out a lot and didn’t complain about the lack of service elevator in the first building or getting stuck in the elevator. Overall great service, very satisfied with Sergio and Tony!