Leave a Moving Review

Clients rely on reviews to help them make informed decisions on which moving company to hire.

Similarly, businesses rely on client reviews for positive feedback and to promote their moving services. The moving industry is saturated with many competitors, and it can be hard to navigate through all the options to decide on who to go with. Leaving a review online that summarizes your experiences with the movers you hired is a great way to pay it forward. It will help future clients as they research potential movers, and it will help your moving company accurately represent what they have to offer. This article will examine the significance of leaving reviews, reading reviews, and provide time in how to write an informative review. 

Why to Leave a Review 

Statistics on customer reviews reveal that in today’s market reviews matter in making purchasing decision:  

  • Approximately 95% of clients look at reviews to inform their purchasing options.
  •  Clients research reviews prior to purchasing a good or hiring a service, including hiring professional movers.
  • About 93% of clients use reviews to inform them of a business’s quality, its reputation, and its strengths vs weaknesses. 
  • Three quarters of clients will not make a purchasing decision until they have thoroughly researched the company’s reviews. 
  • Client’s will look at roughly 4-6 reviews before making a decision on that company. 

Leaving a review allows you to reflect on your experience. It will provide the company with honest and constructive feedback, which is necessary in order to make adjustments and improve. It will also give the moving company a chance to respond to the review, whether to thank the client or make some type of reconciliation if required.

Pay it Forward

If you were happy with the moving company you hired then you should tell your story. Many times client’s feel compelled to leave a negative review when things did go so well. They do this so the public can be aware of the mishaps they faced, and to protect them from the same experience. It is equally as important to leave a positive review if you had a great experience. This will help to give future clients a sense of security in hiring that company. It will also provide the moving team with positive reinforcement. Mentioning the movers name will allow them to feel appreciated for their efforts. Some moving companies also reward their movers for positive reviews. At High Level Movers, employees receive a money bonus for every good review that mentions their names. A positive review is a great way to say Thank You to your movers!

Review Protect Clients

When hiring a professional moving company, it is important to make sure that the company you hire is both licensed and bonded. Client’s will also look at reviews to get an idea of the moving companies’ accountability and legitimacy. Reviews can provide future clients with valuable tips, including what to watch out for, or what to consider prior to their move. Often client’s will make suggestions in their reviews of what to order, or what they recommend. Reviews also give the company a chance to respond to any claims, which allows for a fuller picture. It is important clients read a company’s replies to any negative reviews, as this may better inform them of why a situation transpired and how the company handles it thereafter.

TIPS for Leaving A Review

  • Choose a platform: We recommend Google, Facebook, Homestars, and Yelp. 
  • Provide a full picture of your experience: include both the company’s strengths, areas for improvement.
  •  Describe any specific situations that arose that were handled with professionalism, or areas of concern. 
  • Provide some context: Was this a residential move, or a commercial move? Did you have a local move, or did you hire long distance movers?  Did you utilize any other moving services, like storage or packing services?
  • Mention your experience with the customer service department, and other staff members you interacted with. 

Planning a move requires a lot of organization and research. Hiring movers is an important decision that should not be made on impulse. Be sure to refer to reviews, ask the right questions, and compare with other companies. When all is said and done, remember to leave your local moving company a review on your experience!