How to survive moving in winter?

Relocation during the summer may be a perfect choice. However, everyone wants to move during the summer. That is why moving costs are bigger and it is more difficult to rent a moving truck. The summer is always the peak season for movers and you have to schedule your move even two months in advance. For this reason, some of us will decide on the winter move. Here are some tips that will help survive moving in winter.

Moving in winter – benefits

Moving during winter can have numerous benefits. If you don’t mind the cold weather, you can save the substantial sum of money on your relocation expenses. The summertime is the official busy season for most of the moving company. Moving companies usually offer numerous incentives and deal for moving during the winter. However, you should be aware of the possible moving issues when you choose to move during the winter months. Even if you decide to move by yourself, it will be less expensive to rent a moving truck. The best way to move in the winter and save on your relocation expenses is to hire quality local movers in Toronto. They can help you organize your move efficiently and without delays. Reliable movers are trained to relocate belongings in any time of the year. They can organize in a way to relocate your belongings in one day.

How to prepare your winter relocation?

If you are renting a moving truck, make sure to have all the equipment with you.

The best way to prepare for your move is to make a to-do list. If you do, you won’t forget anything before the moving day. You can make more than one list for every aspect of your relocation. When moving in winter, it is very important you start preparing in advance. Before you find the best residential moving company in Toronto for your relocation, consider preparing your new home.

Moving in the winter can be tricky because you can never be sure about the smaller storm blowing in. To survive moving in winter, make sure you are warm at all times. In case you are helping movers and you have to stay outside, make sure you stay warm and comfortable. Consider putting on layers of clothing. Also, you should protect your feet on a moving day. Wear comfortable and warm and stable shoes. On the other hand, when movers arrive at your home, make sure you have plenty of warm fluids available.

Check your new residence

Before you schedule High Level Movers Toronto to move your home belongings, it is best to check your new home. Coordinate the meeting with the rental property manager or your real estate agent. If you check everything in your new home you will ensure that the home is ready for you to move in. Make sure to check if:

  • That utilities are set up – You should make sure that utilities are connected and working. To make sure utilities in your new home are functional, turn the heat and hydro on for a few hours. This way you will make sure everything is functioning properly. If you already know the date of the move, consider visiting your home the day before and make sure your new house is warm for the day of the move.
  • Walks and sidewalks are clear – When you visit your home the day before the move you should also check your sidewalks. They should be free of ice and show. It is best if you can sand or salt the area. However, in case you are moving long distance, make sure your property manager or real estate agent inspect the area for you.
  • The parking area is clear – When moving in winter you should make sure that parking areas are clear of snow. The parking should be available for the moving truck.

Prepare your old home for the moving day

packing paper
Consider using cardboard boxes to protect floors on a moving day.

Making sure your former residence is ready for the moving day is just as important. Check your driveways and sidewalks and clear the of any snow. To make sure these crucial areas are in good condition for your moving crew use sand and salt to prevent ice forming. The parking area should be also clear and ready for the moving crew to arrive.

It is very important you protect your floors and carpets on a moving day. Consider protecting the inside space from snow, sand, and water. You can use plastic sheeting, leftover cardboard moving boxes and plastic tape. Make sure to tape plastic sheets to the floor or position cardboard boxes in place. It is best if you protect your floors before movers arrive. If you don’t, you may lose valuable time.

Keep plenty of hot liquids available. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or water are very important for you and movers to stay warm while packing and carrying moving boxes in and out of your home.

Moving in the winter without professional help

cup of tea
Make sure you have plenty of warm fluids on hand when your movers arrive.

If you decide to rent out the moving truck and do everything yourself, the moving process can get more complicated. That is why you should prepare like a professional. Make a plan in advance and check, double check and triple check everything. The most important aspect of your move is your car. Get it serviced and have all the necessary winter equipment with you. When you know your car is safe for the winter conditions, check the weather conditions. Check the weather in advance especially if you already have the moving day in mind.

Before you load everything onto the moving truck, make sure you have the backup plan. Have all the important and emergency contacts on hand for emergencies. When moving in winter, make sure to plan your travel route in detail and have a backup solution. Contact the local authorities to make sure highways are open and safe before you hit the road.