How to safely transport heavy furniture?

Moving heavy items can be difficult to manage, especially if you are moving long distance. If you need to safely transport heavy furniture and avoid injuries while moving, there are many ways to do it. However, the easiest way is to call professional movers furniture who can help you. They use the best quality professional equipment in order to keep your furniture safe. In case you want to transport your furniture yourself, keep reading to find more tips about it.

Before you start

When you do start preparing your move by yourself you should make a plan. Organizing the move will help you be more efficient and save time. Making a plan when packing is the big deal. You should consider the amount of all the big furniture pieces you have to move. When doing it yourself it can be quite difficult. That is why you should ask few friends to help you. Big furniture pieces and big appliances may be very heavy. For that reason, is best you have a backup.

antique furniture
In the beginning, you should consider the amount of the furniture pieces you have to move.

Before you start make sure to assess your furniture pieces and big appliances. Consider the shape, size, and weight of your items. Also, remember to take measurements of your door, stairs or your narrow hallways. That way you will know if your big furniture pieces will pass through. The worst thing it can happen is that you might hit a wall when you transport heavy furniture.

Damaging your walls and doorways can be very pricey so make sure to be careful. Before you start moving your heavy furniture pieces around, the best thing you can do is assess the best way to carry every piece without damaging anything. If you think this part of the job is too much for you, consider hiring professional movers services and packers. They will be able to help you transport your heavy furniture with ease.

How to prepare your furniture for transport?

When you make a plan for moving your big furniture pieces, make sure to make your life easier. You can do that if you consider every single furniture piece. Make sure you know if there are any furniture pieces that can be reassembled. Taking apart all the furniture pieces will help you. When you take them apart, you will reduce the weight of each piece individually. That way all of your pieces will be easier to carry while you transport heavy furniture. Make sure to remove any loose pieces like cushions and pillows. Also, if you can, fold all the chairs. Position them so that your pieces take up as little space as possible. That way when you move heavy furniture, you will have more space in your moving truck.

secure your furniture
When you make a plan for moving your big furniture pieces, keep it safe.

When moving dressers or shelves make sure you prepare them for the move. First of all, make sure you remove any items that are inside. That way you will reduce the weight and your dresser will be easier to carry. If you can, take out all the drawers and shelves. Sometimes that is not the best solution. In those cases, make sure your cabinets are safe while you transport heavy furniture.

Consider using additional equipment

After you finish preparing your heavy items for moving, consider getting additional equipment. Some of the items that professional movers use are:

  • sliders,
  • moving dolly’s,
  • shoulder moving straps,
  • moving blankets etc.

Some of these items can be very helpful when you transport heavy furniture. That way you don’t have to break your back when you carry all the heaviest items. Keep in mind that even professional long distance movers, wouldn’t use all these items at once. So, before you start, consider the type of the surface over which you will move heavy items. The surface can be slippery, uneven or sensitive to damage. If it is enough just to move furniture sliders can be the thing to use. Using sliders is very easy. Just lift each side of your furniture piece and slide one of the sliders underneath. That way you can push your heavy items to the desired spot.

Another way to cope with heavy items is to use a trolley or a roller. Trolleys are small platforms with four wheels and they come in different sizes. They may even have a handle to help coordinate better. When you move your dressers, bookcases or smaller tables. Just slide the trolley underneath, tilt the furniture using a handle and you are good to go. This method is more efficient and easy than carrying or pushing every piece individually. When you use the dolly, just place the item on top and push it around. Keep in mind that the size of the dolly matters because it shouldn’t be too small when you transport heavy furniture. Your residential movers will provide all the additional moving equipment you may need.

Transport heavy furniture manually

Before you use up all of your strength to lift the heavy sofa, consider using a shoulder dolly. Shoulder dollies will lift the straps on your shoulders and take the weight off. Using shoulder straps reduces the pleasure and helps you utilize strong muscle groups. Also, you will be able to get leverage when you carry heavy furniture pieces. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use shoulder straps when carrying anything up or down the stairs. And that you may need a friend to help you on the other side of the heavy furniture piece.

moving heavy furniture
Ask someone to help you before you start moving every big furniture piece by yourself.

In a situation when you cannot use all the additional equipment to transport heavy furniture, be safe. The most important thing is that you don’t get injured during your Toronto relocation. When you do carry items by yourself keep in mind to bend from the knees and hips when you lift furniture. When you bend from your waist and use your back to lift anything, you can hurt your back. The best way to lift any piece is with help.

So make sure you have someone to help you before you start moving every furniture piece by yourself.

Hiring professional Toronto movers may be the best option. When you want to safely relocate, the best option is to hire professional help. Toronto office moving pros are here to help you relocate with ease. With them, you don’t have to transport heavy furniture yourself.

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