How to pack a garage?

If you are going to move any time soon, you will need to plan your packing. Moving can be really exciting and fun project, but only if you plan everything to the last detail. Otherwise, you can make yourself a big problem. That is why it is important to prepare everything ahead. The first thing after you schedule your moving day is to pack your home as a pro. It is one of the biggest pre-moving activities, and there are several things you need to do in order to complete is successful. But, when it comes to packing, there is one part of your home that needs extra attention. Your garage. For many people, that is not just a part of a home where they park a car. It is the main storage unit for all unnecessary items as well. Here are some tips on how to pack a garage.

Thorough preparation is essential in order to pack a garage successfully

Motorbike in the garage
You need to prepare for the garage packing

There is a high probability that once you enter your garage, you’ll find many things you forgot that you even posses. And that is totally normal, as many people are using their garage to put all things they do not need but want to keep for some reason. Not to mention all seasonal clothing and sports equipment such as skis and surfing boards. Even though many of those belongings are actually useful and you will use it once in a while, there are items for which you actually can’t find a reason to hold them anymore. It is important to get rid of such belongings and to not take them at your new home. Not only that you will need to find a place for storing, but your moving expenses will be bigger.

Now, try not to be emotional about things you find in your garage. If you keep it rational, you will be able to determine what you actually need, and what you can get rid of. You are probably aware that moving is not a cheap project. That is why every dollar counts. Good news is that while you preparing to pack a garage, you can make extra money along the way. Especially if you have there some old appliances that are in good condition. Or spare parts of your old car or motorbike. Here are some tips on how to prepare your garage for packing.

Make a decision on what you do not need any more

Before you get your moving quote, you need to make sure that you are taking only what you need. This is a good way to cut your moving expenses. So, once you are ready to pack a garage, you should make a list of items you find there. The smart thing to do is to make 4 piles where you will place stuff form your garage.

  1. Things that you are taking to your new home – whatever you are keeping, place on this pile. Here are items that you are still using, or you will use in the future. A smart thing to do is to sort these belongings as you are placing them on the pile. This way the packing process will go fast and smoothly, as you will know what is where. It is a good way to improve efficiency while you pack a garage.
  2. Items that you can sell – here you should put everything that is in good and working condition. This pile will actually make you some money you can use to cover moving expenses. So, old appliances, spare car parts, and old sports equipment should go to this pile.
  3. Belongings that you will donate to charity – donating is always a good thing to do. If you have some old clothes that you are not using anymore or anything else you can donate to charity, place it in this pile.
  4. Garbage – you will definitely come across items that are totally unusable. Such items you need to throw away. If anything can be recycled – make sure you act responsibly and find a way to get rid of such items properly.

Once you finish this task, it’s time for the next steps. The first on the list – making extra money.

Organize a garage sale

Organizing a garage sale is a great thing. Not just when you are moving, but in this situation is even better. Not only that you will make some extra money, but it is a good way to say goodbye to your current neighborhood. before you display items from the second pile, make sure you remove dust, clean them and check that everything is working. You wouldn’t like to sell old microwave that is actually broken. Such an item you should recycle. Garage sale should happen during weekend days, as people have more time to participate. And one extra tip – bake cookies and let your neighbors have some. This is a beautiful gesture.

box full of items in front of the fence
Organizing a garage sale is a good way to say goodbye to your neighbors

It is packing time

Now that you are sure that there are no unnecessary items that you are taking with yourself, it is time to pack your garage. You can do it alone, but it is better to gather your friends and make a day of it. Just make sure you buy proper packing items such as boxes, packing peanuts, labels, tape, etc. But, if you aren’t a type of person who likes such activities, you can let local movers help you with packing. Many movers have this service in their offer, so you can use it as a part of your relocation.

Garage full of cables and old stuff
You can always let your movers help you with packing

Just remember one thing – as you can see, garage packing takes time. That is why you need to plan everything on time in order to avoid additional stress and chaos.  Make time in your schedule for all these activities, and you will have nothing to worry about. Enjoy your relocation.