How to find reputable pet moving services in Canada

Saying that moving is dreadful is a bit of an overkill. On the other hand, you might have some members of your household that really deserve to call this type of relocations a nightmare. Yes, we are talking about your pets. In contrast to your little furry friends – you have the ability to rationalize the move and understand it for what it is. A simple relocation. Your pets are unable to rationalize in such a way. Animals, in general, are slaves to routine. Especially pets. They enjoy receiving food and having their walks at a specific time. Even small changes in their day to day routine can be grievous, let alone changing their home. So if you thought it was hard for you, it most likely is harder on them. Luckily, there are pet moving services in Canada that are experts on the matter.

They know exactly what kind of a toll these relocations take on your pets. Thusly, they know how to do it in a way where it would seem like a seamless transition for your animals. After all, you are the one who is going to help them through this change, and the pet moving services will just facilitate that. You must understand that you are everything to your pets. If you don’t help them throughout this transition, who will?

Things to Consider

There are things you have to keep in mind when relocating with your pets. There is an incredible number of things pet moving services in Canada can help you with. Still, there are certain steps that you need to take yourself before consulting with your movers. You can’t fully rely on them. We strongly believe that all of this is your responsibility. And we humbly ask you to not neglect any of these steps.


If you haven’t done this up until now, maybe this is the time to do it. If God forbid, something goes south and you end up losing your pet this will allow for a safe and easy retrieval. On another note, getting a collar with an ID for your pet could also be a smart move. Personally, I believe I would lose it if something went wrong and I lost my pet. By doing the microchip thing, combined with the name and phone number on the collar you should be a lot safer.

Three dogs with collars with ID
Getting a collar with an ID for your pet is something you should consider

Keep a few photos around

In case something goes wrong and you end up losing your pet – keeping a few photos handy might help to find your friend quite a bit. It is usually difficult to describe the pet to someone, but if you’re able to print a bunch of photos and post them in the general area of the incident you might have more luck.

Get all the documentation from the veterinarian

You are relocating, and most likely your pet will need a new veterinarian. You want nothing but the best for your pet, and with all the health record the new doctor will be able to give you just that. Also, while you’re at it, you might get some shots and annual checkups for your pet, especially if you are going across the border. 

Make sure you have your pet carrier ready

These are of very high importance. By getting an appropriate pet carrier you will most likely nullify any chances of your pet getting lost. Arguably, it might not be the most comfortable thing for your pet, but it will be the safest. Another thing you can do to help your furry friend is to start getting them used to the carrier. Weeks before the move, place your pet in the carrier and go for a short ride with them. Each time you go, have the ride last a couple of dozen minutes longer.

By the time the moving day comes, your pet will already be accustomed to the carrier and will not dread it as much.

Leaving the rest to pet moving services in Canada

Of course, there is a limit to what you should do on your own. Or at least there should be. This is not us saying that you are not capable of it, this is just us saying that you most likely lack the experience needed for such ventures. And your furry friends should not become a test of your skill. We always keep their best interest in mind.

A dog moving with the pet moving services in Canada
It shouldn’t be a problem finding pet moving services in Canada

Having this said, your next job is to find reputable pet moving services in Canada, and you’re in luck! Pets have become a large population increase on Canadian soil, and thus a lot of pet-related services are on the rise.

Hiring the right pet moving services in Canada

You want the best ones. And you want the most affordable ones. A common conflict. However, we have some tips you could use to find the best possible ones at a very decent price. In my personal point of view – some things simply don’t have a price. Thus, making this relocation very comfortable for your pet is one of those things.

Start on time

If you start looking for your movers, and thus movers for your pets, in time your options will be much wider. First, you won’t be under pressure potentially picking the wrong ones. Second, there are certain moving services that are much cheaper if booked a few months ahead of time. This is because moving companies will give generous discounts to those who book them months ahead, simply because they want to have secure business throughout the year.

Use the internet

Because you are silly if you don’t. First, you will have access to numerous online forums where people discuss their previous experiences, good or bad. This way you will know which ones to hire and interview, or which ones not to even consider.

Black and white picture of a laptop on a woman's knees
Use the internet to find what you need

Have 3 to 4 picks

Don’t stick to one company. Choose at least 3 or 4. This way you will be able to compare their offers and find the one that suits you the best. You will also have a chance to compare their rates and have them compete amongst each other.

Finally, interview them all and select the best moving company in Canada one for you and your pets.

We wish you the best of luck! And feel free to consult us if you are moving to Toronto!

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