How to evaluate local moving companies?

It’s that time of the year. The long-anticipated move is at your doorstep, and there is nothing more to do to prolong it. Of course, the best case scenario would be if you have started working on this ahead of time. But sadly, not many people do this. Either way, you should highly rely on your local moving companies.

There are two potential scenarios:

  • Do the move on your own
  • Hire professional moving services

If you are experienced enough, and if you have the proper equipment you will be moving on your own. In this case, this article will not apply to you. Why? Because you will not be pursuing any local moving companies. And this is fine. Since we will not be focusing on this scenario we will give you just a few words of advice. First, if you are moving on your own carefully approach the planning process. You need to diligently plan all the items that you will be moving. Second, you will have to organize a few friends to help you with the move itself, unless you are a strongman from Iceland. In the latter case, you are fine on your own. Third, make sure that the transport to the new location is well organized.

If you want to shake your hands with a moving expert you need to know how to evaluate local moving companies.
Finding the best local moving company is key!

However, if you are going to pursue local moving companies, there are a few things that you must know. The objective is to hire the right moving company. In order to do so, there is an abundance of criteria you need to keep in mind if you wish to do it right. If you chose the proper moving company, the move itself should fly by seamlessly.

Local moving companies – which one should you choose?

Now, when you ask the question – which moving company is the best, you need to first assess your needs. Sometimes you might choose a moving company that can be an overkill for your actual needs. On the other hand, you might choose a local moving company who can be overwhelmed by your needs. So, carefully assessing your needs is essential. 

Once you have done so, you can proceed to look for a moving company that can answer your actual needs, now that you know what they are. But be vary, you finished half of the job. Knowing your needs will only help you find a suitable moving company. But there are other factors that you need to consider. The good news is, there are some universal parameters of what a moving company should look like. We will mention the most relevant ones, and based on them you will be able to evaluate local moving companies. By carefully evaluating them, you will be able to proceed without any problems to take the one best for you.

Local moving companies – most relevant parameters

Each and every moving company should have some fundamental characteristics that make them a suitable moving company for anyone – including yourself. These parameters are easy to spot, and almost impossible to hide. Maybe even entirely impossible to hide. Sadly, there will always be some expert scammer moving companiesbut with these pieces of advice, you will most likely be able to avoid them.

Go online, research and try to avoid any fraudulent moving companies.
Be careful of scams!

Registered moving companies

What does this mean? Each moving company that sees fit to offer their moving services must be a valid, registered company. In order for any moving company to become legit, they need to pass certain levels of quality assurance. This means that there is a list of boxes they must tick in order to be registered and legit. Each registered, legit, moving company must own a USDOT number. By owning the said number they are fully able to prove their legitimacy. Our strong advice is to never pursue moving companies without it. Moving companies that do not own such a number may seem cheaper, and they will be. But by hiring such company chances that you will succumb to fraud are very high. Search their USDOT number, and if you find it, you are dealing with legit local movers in Toronto.


Regardless of whether they are legitimate or not, insurance is the second most important topic. Try to do your best to avoid any moving company that offers no insurance. Companies that do might seem more expensive on paper. However, in an unfortunate event where something goes wrong, and accidents do tend to happen, you will be suffering almost no losses by having insurance. The insurance will, in most cases, cover for any potential damage that your belongings endure. Picture this: your movers carry a couch down a flight of stairs, one of them trips and the couch goes flying. Most likely it will either get very damaged or destroyed beyond repair. Without insurance, this is a total loss. However, with insurance, you will be fully refunded for the damage and end up not losing a dime.

Existing feedback

The best possible way to evaluate a local moving company is based on the feedback previous companies gave. How can you obtain such feedback? The internet is a powerful tool. There are countless forums and chat-rooms that are used by various people who hired moving services. There, they will exchange their experience, good or bad. This should be an infinite source of information based on which you will figure out what kind of a moving company you are dealing with. You might find out the worst possible feedback about one moving company, resulting in your probably giving it a pass.

Go online and do your reserch, learn about other people's experience about a given moving company.
Feel free to base your decisions on existing moving companies feedback.

Likewise, you might learn that a moving company you would not normally consider – boasts with a lot of phenomenal feedback. Based on this you actually might decide that High Level Movers Toronto are exactly the moving company you need to make your move a total success! For everything else, best of luck!

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