How to avoid moving day theft?

Do you know what moving day and wedding day have in common? Both of them can be crashed by uninvited guests. Picture this, all doors wide opened, a bunch of people walking through your new home, moving boxes everywhere. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a burglar to take advantage of these circumstances? Unfortunately, it is. Therefore, let’s do our best to avoid moving day theft.

Take inventory and avoid moving day theft

This is probably the most boring and time-consuming part of moving, but it will keep your valuables safe. Try to find time to take inventory of all your valuable possessions. Go through your things and decide which of them hold great value beyond the sentimental and could attract sticky fingers. Also, take photos of those items as proof that you had them in a certain stage. If some of them get stolen or damaged, photos will speak for you. You can invite your friends to help you out over drinks and dinner. As many hands, you have, as little time you need. On the other hand, if you decide to hire some of High-Level Movers Toronto, they will do this for you.

Safety deposit box can be your best friend

This could be either a temporary solution or a permanent one. For an acceptable fee, the bank will store your little treasure. Your expensive jewelry, valuable heirlooms, and important documents can be safe at a safety deposit box. Hence, this will give you time to settle and peace of mind.

Your new home will be like a highway

Due to so many people passing through your home, keeping the control over your belongings will be a challenge. Family, friends, landlords, old tenants, movers, painters, cable and hydro workers will be entering and exiting your place all the time. This fuss is a fertile grown for a thief to insensibly enter your home. Local movers in Toronto have a lot of experience with this profile of people. Hence, hiring them will minimize the chance for robbery.

Safe space

Most importantly, making a safe space will help you avoid moving day theft. What is a safe space? It should be a closet, pantry or preferably windowless room where you will store your valuables the minute you walk in your new place. Make sure that this is the first thing you do, do not leave it for later. Because so, it is very important to take these desirable items with you and not to have to hunt them through boxes. And if you can lock them up, do so and hold a key with you.

Toiletries alert

This is probably something you could overlook. Some thieves could be after your personal items, such as toiletries. Some expensive perfumes they can sell could be their prey. But even more, keep an eye on your medicins, especially prescription drugs. This is the most common item to be stolen during the moving day. Those pills can be easily sold on the street or taken advantage off. Pay attention to them and avoid moving day theft.

A treasure in disguise

Disguise is certainly a most creative way of protecting your stuff on a moving day. Here are some ideas.

  • Above mentioned toiletries do not pack in a toiletry bag. Instead, pack it in a small suitcase or for example sports backpack. This will deceive potential thieves.
  • Collectible items are something you should guard since beside material, they have sentimental value as well. These collections can be pretty big sometimes, depending on what you are collecting. Pack them in boxes but with misleading labels. You can label them as ‘old toys’, ‘Christmass decoration’ or ‘clothes for donation’.
  • To avoid moving day theft, you can pack some fragile and valuable items along with your clothes. Of course, not with some designer clothes that look expensive, but with some old tracksuits for example.

Do not end up like Bourne

Stolen identity may sound like a movie material but it happens in a real life as well. Be sure you guard all your personal information and financial records. Guard your bank statements, stock and bond investments, social security numbers, birth certificates, and insurance papers.

Keep it close

The best solution would probably be keeping them in a safety deposit box. If not, put them in a folder and place in your safe space or keep it on yourself all the time. If you ever suspect that your identity could be stolen, sign up for This application can help you verify all credit charges on your file are legitimate.

Be sure that you are insured

This is the first thing you should discuss when hiring professionals. There are several types of insurance, but make sure you have one, it protects your things from theft and damage. Reliable and affordable moving companies offer even extra coverage for valuable possessions. Also, check with your home insurance agent about insurance coverage between moves in your policy.

Keep it quiet

Keeping the things discreet sounds like a mission impossible on moving day. But to keep safety, try not to make a too big fuss about it. Do not leave moving boxes unattended on the lawn or in the hallway. Try to transfer the things fast from the vehicle to your place. Besides that, try to attract as less attention as possible. Posting moving selfies with your location can attract potential thieves. Not everything you post remains within your circle of friends.

To trick a thief, think like one

This is probably the best strategy to avoid moving day theft. Imagine you are a thief and then think of your belongings you could sell later and how would you stole them. This is a bit hard perception for someone who never thought of stealing, but it can be helpful if you make an effort. And do not let fear or suspicion ruin your moving day. Now you have all the tricks up your sleeve, you are good to go. Welcome to your new home. Enjoy it.


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