How to avoid hiring low-quality movers?

The number of fears people have related to the moving process is astonishing. And rightfully so. There are plenty of things to fear and to consider when getting into a relocation. Given that you are moving all of your most valued belongings, you don’t want anything to go wrong. The first advice we usually provide people with is – hire professionals. The number of things that could go wrong goes down significantly when your move is being hired by trained professionals. However, is it easy to find proper professionals? I would have to say no. No, it is not. After people decide upon going for professional assistance, the first thing they fear is hiring low-quality movers.

Avoiding low-quality movers means avoiding those that cost just a few coins to hire.
Low-quality movers will usually be at a low price. Hopefully.

So how would you go about avoiding hiring low-quality movers? It is not difficult if you know what to look for, and what to avoid. We are going to try to cover some elementary factors and elements you should be looking for when hiring professional movers. Hopefully, this will be enough to help you avoid low-quality movers. 

Low-quality movers – how to recognize them?

There is a number of clues you can spot in order to figure out whether they low-quality movers or not. In the eyes of those who have little to no experience with this subject, they might not be easy to detect. However, it gets far easier when you know where to look. If you heed our advice and follow these clues, you will have no problem to root out all those pesky, low-quality movers.

There is an exception, however. Sometimes low-quality movers are the ones you are looking for. Sometimes your budget is restricted in ways that force you to stick to the low-quality movers. This isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. But keep in mind one thing. There are certain moving frauds that can get the idea of posing as low-quality movers. These frauds will conceal their scam in the low price that they offer. A price low enough to take the risk. However, the risk is absolutely not worth it. Why? Because these frauds tend to steal your belongings. In a scenario where they would do such a thing, you basically paid very little money but lost so much more. Your most valued belongings, that maybe don’t even have a price, can become a thing of the past.

So without further ado, here are a few clues that will help you spot low-quality movers (whether you wish to find them, or avoid them). This is very important to know since you need to know the difference between a cheap moving company and a fraud. One is fine and the latter is devastating.

Low Price

This clue is a mixed bag. In a world where logic rules, low price will usually either mean a good temporary deal or a low-quality service. Nothing against low quality, it’s just that old saying ‘you get what you pay for’.  And this is fine because not everyone can afford top quality movers. Those movers have a top price following them, in most cases.

The most important thing to know about a certain price is that it can be low, but not too low. If something is too good to be true, it most likely is. That is why a price that is too low should be a sign of danger. There are exceptions where the very low price could be just an amazing deal. But in an abundance of scenarios, too low of a price leads to a fraud.

So, if you see a low price you are most likely facing low-quality movers, with a few exceptions. There are some moving companies giving huge discounts for booking a move well in advance, but aside from that, low price = low quality. If you look at high-quality movers from North York.

Lack of online presence

Amateur moving companies that offer a low level of service will have very poor marketing. Logically. If they are amateurs offering mediocre service, their online presence will be either very poor, or non-existent. How can you tell? Just try to google the name of the company and look for their website. If it is a basic page where you can basically contact them, you know what time it is. Furthermore, they might not even own a website, which could be a solid clue for another fraud. No website means there is no real company. If it’s not a real company, they are most likely frauds.

If you want to spot low-quality movers keep an eye open for their website.
Low-quality movers will usually have low-quality websites.

So, one of the first steps, and possibly the easiest steps is to check for their website. If the website is crummy, the quality of their service most likely is as well.

Online feedback

Online feedback speaks volumes about moving companies. There is almost no scenario where a moving company can provide a user with mediocre service, without that customer talking about it. There is an abundance of forums and online chat rooms where people gladly share their experiences. If someone was good, they will most likely receive a corresponding review. Likewise, if someone was under average, that is what they will say about them. So go online and read, you will be surprised at what you might discover about moving companies. Also, frauds will be mentioned.

Look at social media and read about company reviews.
Customers will hardly ever keep their mouth shut about low-quality service.

Low-quality movers – should you avoid them?

Low-quality movers will usually provide you with one thing that most seek – a low price. Sometimes you need just a truck that can run, and a few extra pairs of hands to do the move. If you coordinate them, carry stuff yourself and load them into the truck you will get the job done. For this, you will spend far less money.

But if you want everything to run smoothly, look for quality movers in Toronto, and be prepared to pay for it.


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