Hiring reliable and cheap movers in Toronto

So many people are moving to Toronto these days. There are so many reasons for that. A great climate, a growing economy, terrific social life etc. Whatever the reason, the fact is that thousands of people move to the largest city in Ontario every year. This lead to a huge increase in the number of Toronto moving companies. It might seem like a good thing, given that the rising competition means a decrease in prices. However, it also means that there is a growing number of moving scams and frauds.

Hence, if looking to save while moving home to Toronto, you should be very careful. Hiring low-cost moving professionals might mean jumping into a moving scam. On the other hand, you can find reliable and cheap movers in Toronto. Here we are to help you hire one and not break the bank.

What can you do to save money on your move?

Fraud alert - Watch for red flags when looking for cheap movers in Toronto
Keep your eyes wide open when hiring cheap movers in Toronto

There are quite a few things that can help you reduce moving costs. And, no matter how big your moving budget is, you don’t want to throw your hard-earned money away, right? We have a few suggestions on what you can do to make sure you move on a budget:

  • Hire cheap Toronto movers – This is the biggest component of your moving costs, so the less expensive company you hire, the better the chances of conducting a move at a reasonable price.
  • De-clutter your home – Get rid of everything you don’t need and save money.
  • Do some parts on your own – But consult your movers and do only those parts that won’t put your health or your items in danger.

If you manage to combine the aforementioned ways of saving money, you will have quite an affordable relocation to Toronto.

How to hire reliable and cheap movers in Toronto?

First of all, let us emphasize again one thing – be very careful! You should be very careful no matter what moving company you’re hiring, but especially if hiring cheap movers in Toronto. Toronto is a city with so many moving scams. If you become a victim of one, not only that you might end up paying an amount way larger than the one you agreed to, but you could lose all your possessions.

Avoiding moving scams

  • Watch for low-ball offers – Yes, you want to save money, but if some mover offers significantly lower price than the other companies, you should at least get suspicious.
  • Avoid signing a blank or an incomplete contract – Why would you trust that much to anyone? Or why would you sign an incomplete offer in the first place?
  • Ask for a list of all the services – You should know what services to expect, and what additional costs you might have.
  • Be careful if they don’t mention the name of the company – If the company representatives answer the phone only with ‘the company’, their personnel wears uniforms without company logo or name, and they don’t have their own vehicles, but rent them, you should avoid hiring such a company.

These are the most common signs of a moving fraud. However, you should get suspicious whatever Toronto company you might be dealing with, watch for any red flag that might appear.

Attention sign - Be very cautious when looking to save on hiring movers
You can find reliable and cheap movers, but pay attention anyway

Picking cheap Toronto movers you can rely on

When looking to save money on hiring movers, you should choose only the company offering those Toronto moving services you actually need. How to find the cheapest movers in Toronto offering just the services you need? Here is what you should do:

  • Make a list of at least 5-7 moving companies – Having enough moving companies to compare makes it easier to hire the one that’s actually reliable and cheap at the same time.
  • Contact each mover and ask for a precise moving quote – Ask if that’s the final price and if there are some additional expenses.
  • Get a list of all moving services – You need to know what to expect. Some moving companies will offer lower prices just to attract you to hire them, and then claim the price was only for the basic package.

After you got all these details, make sure to carefully examine each offer and pick the cheapest moving service in Toronto for your specific relocation.

De-cluttering home – your way to a cheaper relocation

There are so many items an average family owns, but never or rarely uses. Why would you move those items, pay for their transportation, just to have that clutter in your new home? De-cluttering home has two main advantages. First, you’ll get rid of clutter and have more space. Second, your relocation will be smaller and it will take less time and fewer people, which means it will be less expensive. Besides this, you can also arrange a yard or garage sale and earn some money. It would increase your moving budget. Your moving company can help you with tips on how to do this successfully.

Partial DIY projects

We don’t recommend you relocate on your own. However, you can do some part of the relocation. For example, you can prepare your items for packing, or pack them completely. Call a few friends and enjoy your packing day! Have fun with your friends before the move and save some money on relocation at the same time. Besides this, you can load/unload your items, unpack them after the relocation ends. The more things you do on your own, the cheaper expenses you will have when it comes to hiring movers. Just remember one thing, always consult your movers before you decide what parts of relocation you shall do. Don’t damage some of your items just because you wanted to save some money.

In the end, let’s just repeat – don’t hire cheap movers in Toronto before you do a complete background check. Make sure your relocation is safe and quality and only after that pay attention to the price. If you hire the first cheap movers you run into or hire the cheapest mover, chances are that you’ll end up with stolen or damaged belongings.