HIGH LEVEL MOVERS: October 2022 Toronto Elections

The month of October is generally a busy time for High Level Movers. The fall season is a perfect time for moves to take place, as most people prefer to avoid moving in the winter season. Canadian winters pose many challenges with harsh weather and dangerous road conditions making it unfavorable to move.  

This month our moving company was invited to take on a large project for the city of Toronto. This was a large project that would utilize 6 moving trucks to work full days for three consecutive weeks. Toronto elections required movers to transport goods throughout the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). 

High Level Movers placed a bid for this project and was selected for by the city of Toronto. Our task was to deliver city election supplies and equipment to various locations. Each election activity is subdivided into North, East, South, and West regions for quotes.

There were four major elections activities we were in charge of which included:

  1.   Advance Vote Delivery
  •     October 3-5, 2022
  •     50 total delivery locations 
  •     Multiple regions (North, East, South, and West)
  1.       Advance Vote Closing
  •     October 14, 2022
  •     50 equipment pick-up locations within a specific timeframe
  •     Multiple regions (North, East, South, and West)
  1.       Election Day Delivery and Pick Up
  •     October 17-24, 2022 &  October 25 – 30, 2022
  •     2600+ combination of delivery and pick-up
  •     Multiple regions (North, East, South, and West)
  1.       Election Night Receiving
  •     October 24, 2022
  •     17 Total Receiving Locations
  •     Multiple regions (North, East, South, and West)

high level movers

These election activities took place from October 3, 2022 to October 30, 2022.  This was a successful project and the City of Toronto thanked us. All time frames were met, and everything was executed in an organized, professional, and efficient manner.

High Level Movers take pride in helping their local community and being part of something important! We look forward to working with the city again in the future!

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