High Five Friday: Natanel Khon from Toronto, ON

This week, High Level Movers – moving company in Toronto is ready to present the best employee who was able to distinguish himself by hard work, perseverance and inherent strength among other workers.

Here is what our General Manager has to tell about Nate:

“Natanel was required to uphold the company’s culture and ideals in all interactions with coworkers and clients. His responsibility is to conduct himself professionally and with respect at all times and he did it the best! Together, Natanel and his team brings the company to a higher level of moving service providers.”
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For his invaluable work and customer orientation approach, the company recognizes Natanel as the most outstanding employee of the week. Thank you for your effort. Congratulations!

It might be hard to move to a new house and neighbourhood. Here are 10 moving tips from High Level Movers moving companies we have put up for you to assist you and avoid difficulties of a move.

  1. Before posting your house on the market, do some necessary repairs and hire cleaners.
  2. Create a budget in your head; otherwise, you can find yourself spending a lot of money while travelling and be surprised by the final cost.
  3. Pack in advance to the moving date. It will help you to arrange stress-free moves. Pack belongings to boxes, bins, suitcases and label them to save time for unpacking.
  4. Do not forget to defrost your refrigerator(s) at least a day before your moving day. It is important to prepare a compact portable fridge to keep frozen meat and vegetables in there in order to avoid it getting spoiled until you reach your new house
  5. Pack dishes, glass, plates carefully if you wish to do it yourself. Plates will be less likely to break when being moved if they are packed vertically.
  6. Protect your electronic devices, like computers, laptops and speakers with a proper wrapping materials 
  7. Think about the box you choose. Boxes made of cardboard have a serious flaw. When it rains, they become wet and lose their shape, making it impossible to store your items securely. To avoid this problem, make sure you move on a dry day
  8. Protecting your floors from harm when relocating is always a smart idea. Plastic sheets are frequently a fantastic solution because they are widely accessible, simple to clean, and quick to discard.
  9. Arrange temporary accommodation if your move out and move-in dates are different. High Level Movers can store your belongings for a night or even keep it in a storage facility if you wait to get a new place longer  
  10. Consider schools for your children closer to the new place. It makes the routine easier to get your kids ready in advance and be prepared for changes.
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