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Are you moving to your new home? Are you sure that your couch can fit through small doorways, windows or staircase? If you have large and bulky furniture to move, how to do it properly? Disassembly is the answer. Disassemble furniture when moving is convenient especially if there are large pieces of furniture which are

An empty office with white furniture and an exposed brick wall.

Let’s be honest – a relocation is one of the toughest things to plan out. You’ve got so much stuff to do, and so many things to think about! And we’re not just talking about moving your home – there are even tougher situations out there. For example, if you’ve been put in charge of

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Thinking of buying a property? But, you are not sure what kind of property is the right one for you? Choosing between buying a house or an apartment depends on your finances and your lifestyle. There are many things to consider, from the location, price, maintenance, etc. Both houses and apartments have several pros and

Best Ajax areas to buy a home. Captured a kid standing in the part wrapped up in Canadian flag.

Ajax by the lake is a town in the Durham region, one of the fastest growing areas of Ontario. It is bordered to the West and North by the City of Pickering, to the East by the Town of Whitby and to the South by Lake Ontario. Its name alone sounds dreamy, and this place is as suburban as

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Moving to Toronto can be a piece of cake if you find your perfect movers in Toronto. They are going to conduct the move and finish this tedious task for you. Movers offer a full moving service. They can do the packing, loading, transportation and unloading of your belongings. However, your job will be to find

It’s that time of the year again and our favorite festivities are approaching. The grand opener of this exuberant season is the fun and scary Halloween. Pumpkins, rubber spiders and bats are all around your neighborhood, scary movies are watched at every household and the smell of candy is in the air. What a time


Do you know what moving day and wedding day have in common? Both of them can be crashed by uninvited guests. Picture this, all doors wide opened, a bunch of people walking through your new home, moving boxes everywhere. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a burglar to take advantage of these circumstances? Unfortunately, it is. Therefore, let’s

You’ve finally moved and settled in your new home in Toronto. With all the stress and tension drifting away, you’re getting the hang of the neighborhood. Your effort of making this place feel homey is paying off. Whether it is in order to meet new people, get in shape or just your old habits coming