Best outdoor activities in Toronto

If you are moving to Canada any time soon, you probably already know what to expect from this great country. Choose and hire the best Toronto movers in ON. Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world, at least when it comes to nature. And it has everything – mountains, lakes, ocean, forests, rivers. That is why many cities in Canada have beautiful landscapes. And one is particularly beautiful – Toronto. The biggest city in Canada has much to offer. If you are going to live there, you are so lucky. Numerous parks and Ontario lake-shore are giving the special taste to this place. And it would be a stupid thing not to use such conveniences. There are so many outdoor activities in Toronto you can enjoy, and whichever is your cup of tea – you will be able to do it. Here are some of the best outdoor activities in Toronto.

Parks are the utopia for outdoor activities in Toronto

a man running in the park
If you like running or jogging, try some of the many trails in Toronto parks

If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast, you will love living in Toronto. Not only that there are more than 1500 parks with hiking and biking trails, but you’ll have an opportunity to meet many people who have the same passion. There is simply no part of the day when some of the best parks in Toronto are not filled with people. So if you like to run, jog or simply walk, you will need months just to visit all trails in Toronto. And some of them looks like beautiful nature reserves. If you like to ride a bike – it is the same. You can enjoy riding a bike through small forests, or by the lake. Whatever your choice might be – it will be a good one. Here are some of the most beautiful trails for outdoor activities in Toronto:

  • Cedar Trail
  • Mast Trail
  • High Park
  • Don Valley Trails

If we try to list them all, we would need at least a day. Therefore, you can start with these, and continue exploring further. Important to realize is that these parks are not meant for sports enthusiasts only. You can simply go there and read a book, or let your dog run until he is exhausted. Or just sit on the bench and enjoy aria of all kind of birds. After all, the only important thing is for you to get relaxed.

Ontario Lake is offering some exciting outdoor activities

Ontario Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in whole Canada. More importantly, it is a center of many outdoor activities in Toronto. Now you may think that you can go out and walk down the lakeshore. And yes, you can, but you can do much more. First of all – you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing, as there are some pretty amazing beaches. Additionally, you can rent a paddle board, jet ski, water paraglider or a diving equipment. All these water activities are great, even if you are not an adrenaline sports enthusiasts. There are instructors that will guide you through each of these activities, making sure you are safe all the time.

Ontario Lake view from the CN tower
There are many cultural events near the water

As mentioned before, Ontario Lake is of the most important parts of Toronto. The biggest attraction and landmark of this city, the CN Tower, is located just a few hundred meters from the lake. It is the number one spot for any tourist visiting Toronto, so if you are moving to Toronto, make sure you visit it in the shortest notice.

In case you are a person who enjoys cultural happenings, Harbourfront Centre is a place for you. It is a center of all kind of cultural happenings in Toronto. You can enjoy in art galleries, theater, literary festivals and many art exhibitions, and all of that just to the lake.

And not to forget, you must try the boat tour on Ontario Lake. It is one of a kind experience that you will never forget. There are many other activities you can do on or next to the Ontario Lake, but we’ll leave to you to explore and choose.

Go and visit Toronto Islands

Just a 20 minutes ferry ride will get you to one of the most beautiful places in Canada. Toronto Islands. The first thing you need to know is that you simply can’t explore all islands in just one day. So make sure you schedule a couple of visits to this paradise.

There are three islands that are the best for outdoor activities in Toronto –  Centre Island, Hanlan’s Point and Ward’s Island. The smart thing to do is to visit these three first. Plenty of beaches, restaurants, and Cafes are great for having a lunch, or simply enjoy in beautiful nature with a cup of coffee. When visiting Hanlan’s Point, Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, one of the oldest buildings in Toronto would be a good start of your tour. After that, you can take a walk through the beautiful untouched nature to the amazing sandy beach.

Once on the Centre Island, make sure you rent a four-seater bike. This island is full of those and many people are exploring this island with them. After you finish your ride, go to the William Meany Maze. And if you are going with your childer, there are more than 30 different rides in Centreville Theme Park they can enjoy.

Ontario Lake and Toronto landscape
Toronto Islands are the perfect place to spend your weekends

Ward’s Island is a peaceful place with many residents. The biggest attraction of this island is frisbee golf nets that are very popular among Ward’s Island’s visitors. They look like poles with attached chain baskets to them, and there are 18 of those. Once you see them – you will be sure it’s those.

Research a little bit

Consider these pieces of information as starting inputs for your own research of best outdoor activities in Toronto. Use your imagination, and try to find as many activities as possible. Once you start researching, you’ll see that there are many things you can do in Toronto.