Best nightclubs in Toronto

Toronto, being the mecca for young people either studying or working (or both), will naturally inquire a very healthy nightlife. What is the symbol of a proper nightlife? A good nightclub. This is why our today’s topic will revolve around the best nightclubs in Toronto. We will name a few good ones, a few that you need to visit. Likewise, we will mention a few that you might want to steer clear from. However, take everything said here with a pinch of salt. These notions are subjective, and will more revolve around how we felt about them. Your experience might be entirely different. And this is fine. Still, these guidelines might give you an idea of what to look for, and what to hope for. Be as it may, Toronto is an impeccable destination for nightlife. It is fun, packed with gorgeous young people and a very healthy atmosphere.

Whether it is best Toronto neighborhoods or best nightclubs in Toronto, we have all the answers!

Best nightclubs in Toronto – A guide

So, if you are already living in Toronto you are more than aware of how alive this city is. Being filled with young people, as it is, naturally the nightlife business flourishes. This same nightlife offers an abundance of places to go to, that can soothe many tastes. Whether you prefer a quieter place that can cater to a date or a good conversation – you will be able to find it. On the other hand, if you prefer loud, techno music it will still please you in many places.

Best nightclubs in toronto are not that hard to find. They are all around you.
Best nightclubs in the world? You can find them in Toronto.

The point on, the nightclub scene is thriving. With nearly 30.000 clubbers being active on a Saturday night, the choices are almost endless. Aside from this, if your shifts are such where you spend the weekend working you still will not be limited. There is an abundance of locations that offer a solid nightlife experience during the weekdays. We will only be able to share a glimpse of the Toronto nightlife scene, showing our list of best nightclubs in Toronto. Still, if you remain unconvinced, consult your Toronto movers. They are bound to know a few locations you can start with. After that, the exploration is entirely up to you.


One of the fan favorites is definitely Uniun. Even the name sounds interesting enough for you to want to stick your head inside and see what it is about. This place has a unique, well blended, a combination of LED lights, phenomenal sound system and an industrial design with a pinch of hipsterism that is bound to attract young souls. It is highly decorated with apothecary bottles and ceramic skulls, giving a very unique sensation for their visitors. It does an amazing job of blending new and old resulting in a very unique clubbing experience.

Uniun will provide you with an amazing schedule of foreign DJs as well as the local ones. All working together in sweet harmony, creating an experience that you will talk about for a while.

Early Mercy

Early mercy cannot avoid being on our list of best nightclubs in Toronto. However, in comparison to the previous joint, it caters to a different crowd. Early mercy is more suited for young professionals, becoming a hot spot for both stylish and a bit more casual audience.

Best nightclubs in Toronto are crowned with diversity.
Early Mercy gives a unique blend of a laid back atmosphere and a great party.

The humongous exterior, covering more than 3500 square feet, with ridiculously high ceilings, specializes in laid-back cocktails with food from the infamous Food Dudes. Having that this place is opened five nights a week, with a few happy hour moments, this will easily host numerous fun events with a rotation of a vast number of quality DJs.


Now, this place is usually a fan favorite of the locals. Cube is sporting something entirely different. People who have visited it will speak of its unique, new and fresh dimension of entertainment and style. This place is rocking a very odd retro 70s decoration all around, with high ceilings (meaning a lot of breathing space) as well as a huge dance floor. It hosts numerous lounge and booth areas, with a wide-open dance floor where you can find your own way to feed your nightclub rush appetites.

During some of the infamous Toronto film festival events, this place becomes a hot spot for celebrities. Hence if you wish a hint of glamour and a dash of a VIP feel, this place will be amazing for you.

Lost and Found

Basically, this place was debatable on our list of best nightclubs in Toronto. Still, it made it so here it is. This joint speaks volumes about a collision of modern and classic. This creates a unique atmosphere that many speak about. Located in the lower parts of a century-old building, with exposed brick walls all around is crowned with leather couches. Interestingly enough, it works. It has a splash of an industrial vibe that attracts numerous young people. The best part about it? It’s open on Monday nights.

Nightclubs in Toronto are usually open all week long. So don't worry about missing a weekend.
Want a good night out? No problem!


Honestly, this one’s my favorite. Best for last, you might say. The Rebel joint has a very cocky attitude, naming themselves revolutionaries within the nightlife industry in Toronto. And rightfully so. Located on the shores, this place has an incredible surface. Namely, 45 thousand square feet. The stage in this place is 65 wide. So, you can naturally imagine that it can host an abundance of concerts and music festivals. And it does. Interactive performances, huge LED video screens all around you and numerous multimedia products, this place gives a whole new dimension to the definition of a party.

Add to this the fact that it gives an incredible skyline view, as well as access to the Toronto’s waterfront and you have yourself a go-to spot.

Still, even if you have no idea on where to start, movers from North York will know the way!

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