Best Local Coffee Spots in Toronto

For a lot of people, coffee is a necessity in life. We don’t always have time to brew a fresh cup of joe at home, so having a couple of go-to spots can make busy mornings and life a little easier. It is always best to support local businesses when possible, so when you’re looking for coffee, keep it in the neighborhood! Here are our suggestions for the best local coffee spots in Toronto when you’re in the early morning rush, hitting the afternoon slump, or just want to meet some friends for a caffeine break and good company.

Fuel Up

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Jet Fuel Coffee pairs a couple of things that many Torontonians love: cycling and coffee. These two cultures collide at the quaint building for an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. If you’re looking for a minor break in your busy day or need to refuel with some caffeine, drop by. They don’t have a menu of items to select from and are a takeout-only establishment, but just order what you want and they’ll be happy to serve you. Pick up a sweet baked treat to pair with your coffee and get you through the rest of your day, or bike ride.

Get Arsty

Te Aro is a member of the Pilot Coffee Roasters and has a little flair for art. Located on the eastern part of Queen Street, they adhere to a mission that serves great coffee while benefiting both growers and consumers. When you order, your barista can offer helpful tips on your selection while you enjoy the eclectic industrial decor. The relaxed mood of the establishment only heightens the effect of the beautiful latte art you can expect with your order.

Keep It Simple

Jimmy’s Coffee has the space and atmosphere conducive to focused work. If you’re looking for a place to get some work done for a couple of hours and want great coffee to help you focus, head over to Jimmy’s Coffee. The location on Gerrard has three floors for a nice controlled climate and indoor seating. If you want to take work outdoors, try the patio in Kensington Market. Either way, order yourself some delicious and plant-based treats like the vegan muffin. The welcoming baristas will fulfill your order with a smile.

Satisfy Munchies

Strange Love Cafe is a sweet coffee shop you can find if you’re in the fashion district. Known for its award-winning coffee, they urge you to “discover your magic” as you sip their coffee. Aside from their caffeinated sips, they have developed a line of mood enhancing natural remedies to support overall wellness and mindfulness. Calm your senses, ease into your day, and stop by one of their three locations, Spadina, Queen Street, or University Avenue, for the peace your mind and body seek.

Their coffee is specially crafted and their micro-roasters work on newly roasted coffee every few days to ensure you get the best quality and freshest brew. While you’re there, try their avocado toast, chia pudding, or breakfast hash for a magical treat to compliment your coffee.

Enjoy Gardens

Boasting ethically sourced coffee, and locally handmade products, Cafe23 is the perfect spot for every coffee lover and the environmentally focused sipper. Located in the heart of Queen Street, the inviting vibe you get when you walk in is hard to miss. You’ll feel like you’re in an indoor garden, as all the foliage offers a serene setting for sharing ideas, telling stories, and enjoying a few laughs. Aside from the warmth of the coffee, there’s a wide selection of plant-based menu items to choose from. You can also grab a Montreal bagel or fresh croissant to munch on as you enjoy the local art work.

If you’re meeting friends, have a soothing lunch out on the patio, designed as a quiet retreat for quiet conversations, making memories with new friends, or reconnecting with old ones. Be sure to try one of their featured products from the rotating menu, such as a flaky and sweet famous butter tart or a gluten-free vegan biscotti. While you’re there, grab some of their grounds or whole bean coffee to brew at home for times when you can’t make it out. You’ll be happy you did!

Take a Break

Hidden inside a brightly painted turquoise building in Kensington Market is a cozy little shop called FIKA Cafe. It is a Swedish custom to take a break, or fika, from daytime activities and enjoy a coffee and light snacks with friends. FIKA Cafe gives patrons the opportunity to do just that. Their logo, a Dala Horse, is a traditional Swedish symbol that invites you to break away from the ordinary and partake of rich coffee, homemade pastries, and calming flavors. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, you can treat yourself to a cardamom-spiced latte or lavender white hot chocolate.

For the warmer summer months, they offer iced coffee infused with cardamom available in a 32-ounce bottle, or elderflower rose water lemonade, a floral sensation for your taste buds. If you are more of the stay-at-home type, another thoughtful thing you can appreciate is that FIKA offers their famous cinnamon buns in vacuum-packed and ready to bake packaging, perfect for a Sunday breakfast or an evening treat. Just follow the directions and enjoy the Nordic pearl sugar that’s included!

Grabbing a cup of coffee can help you get through a hectic morning by keeping your energy-level up and helping you maintain focus. You can hit up one of our suggestions no matter what area of Toronto you find yourself in. Here at High Level Movers we understand how important focus and energy are and have traveled all over the Greater Toronto Area to find you the Toronto’s best kept coffee spots.

So, if you packed your coffee pot in a box because you’re planning on moving your growing family to a new home, or upgrading your business to a new office, contact us for your moving needs. We have an established history of credibility, trust, and expertise. We’ll be happy to discuss your plans over a nice cup of coffee!