Best Ajax areas to buy a home

Ajax by the lake is a town in the Durham region, one of the fastest growing areas of Ontario. It is bordered to the West and North by the City of Pickering, to the East by the Town of Whitby and to the South by Lake Ontario. Its name alone sounds dreamy, and this place is as suburban as it gets. An interesting fact is that it was named for HMS Ajax, a British warship that served in World War II. This peace and quiet area is populated by new families with young children living in cookie-cutter houses all in rows. Are you already packing your things and calling Ajax movers? Let’s find out which are the best Ajax areas to buy a home.

Greater Toronto Area

An interesting fact is that the word “Toronto” is the native Huron word for “place of meeting.” This is suites perfectly the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) It is home to over 5 million people. Interestingly, more than half of those residents were born outside of Canada. Hence, this amazing diversity makes the GTA one of the most multicultural areas in the world. GTA consists of three large areas, which contains several communities.

  • West (Peel & Halton Regions): Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Halton Hills, Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon.
  • North (York Region): Vaughan, Woodbridge, Markham, King, East Gwillimbury, Stouffville, Georgina, Newmarket, Aurora, and Richmond Hill.
  • East (Durham Region): Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Clarington, Uxbridge, Scugog, and Brock. Currently, those are the best areas for real estates. According to the survey conducted among the GTA residents, Ajax is in the first place as one of the most livable cities in Canada. Wondering which are the best Ajax areas to buy a home? We have made a research for you.

Also, these places are all connected by the intercity Go transit, regional public transit system.

Why Ajax?

Many young people, especially millennials, have been moving out of the city and into the suburbs lately. Wondering why? It makes sense when you consider what Ajax offers. This town is economically booming, great place to raise a family and much less hectic than the city.  It has been a place of new development over the past few years, so house hunters can expect to find some options here that include newly built houses. They come in different sizes and styles. Therefore, you can find anything from townhomes, semi-detached homes to fully detached homes.

It offers a bit more cultural flavor than other parts of Durham, reflecting an ethnic diversity that’s more in line with the city of Toronto. You get a real “melting pot” impression that gives residents access to a rich diversity of culture and cuisine. Due to the mixed population, it offers a good combination of restaurants and stores. Need help packing and moving to Ajax? With High-Level Movers Toronto, you will not need to move a finger.

Ajax waterfront

This area is a gem of unspoiled beauty. It offers six kilometers of parkland stretching across the Town’s southern border along the shores of Lake Ontario. It has bridges spanning creeks, natural and maintained areas. Ajax waterfront is used by residents and visitors who come to enjoy the scenic views, picnics, engage in recreational activities in the open spaces, and utilize the multi-use trail for walking, cycling, jogging, and in-line skating.

Trans Canada trial

The asphalt trail, which is over seven kilometers long, is part of the Waterfront Trail that runs from Hamilton to Belleville and is also part of the Trans-Canada Trail. This is one of the most picturesque waterfronts in southern Ontario.  Also, the amazing park system is highlighted by the Lakefront, which features huge open fields of grass that are well kept by the municipality.

Whether you are looking for house, mansion, villa or some luxury home, waterfront area offers a lot of new and functional solutions. As per its residents, the waterfront is one of the best Ajax areas to buy a home. If you are a nature lover and enjoy a good view, this is a cat’s whiskers for you.

South Ajax

This area is located near Salem and Bayly and very close to Lake Ontario. It’s a beautiful area, populated mostly with young families. The local development area is a master-planned family community. Also, it is just a short walk to the shores of Lake Ontario, with its scenic parks, marinas and magnificent waterfront trails. This is why so many young couples choose to live exactly here.

Best areas for moving with school children

South Ajax is a highly recommended area due to its school system. It offers a variety of schools, daycare facilities and fully-equipped parks. Bus service is good and the nearby GO Transit provides quick access to the Metro Toronto Area.

Central Ajax- one of the best Ajax areas to buy a home

Central Ajax represents original development from World War II. Its architecture consists of lots of small bungalows, much like cottage country. The prices of houses tend to be lower than the rest of the town because they’re smaller than the newer built homes. This area a very quiet and family oriented neighborhood, much safer and cheaper than Toronto. The best part is that it is small enough to feel like a community but big enough to have everything you need on your doorstep. It is a very car-oriented bedroom community, often a bit congested for the size of the town, but that’s the only disadvantage. Also, it offers lots of community events.

Pickering beach

This area was once the prestige cottage destination for the upper class, chosen due to its tremendous beach. Today, this is a living community and unincorporated place in Ajax. It is located east of Toronto, on the lake of Ontario. Most original cottages have been replaced by modern residences. Beach lovers will enjoy this area. Most noteworthy, be aware that this is for the ones with deep pocket since real estates are not cheap here. If money is not an issue for you, this is probably one of the best Ajax areas to buy a home.

What are you waiting for?

Cultural diversity, nature, beach and beautiful houses. Do you still have some doubts about moving to Ajax? Best Ajax areas to buy a home are many, the decision will not be easy. On the other hand, whichever area you choose, you will not regret it. Ajax is waiting for you. Enjoy it.


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