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How to get rid of undesirable items while moving?

Are you living under the same roof for a long time? You must have accumulated a large number of things at your home by this time. After all how dull the house would appear without all those lovely pieces of furniture, wall hangings, all kitchen appliances, and your favorite clothes. But when shifting to a new place, it is not feasible to carry all your belongings. Thus filter out your objects to facilitate your moving experience and to get rid of all the unwanted stuff. If you are looking for a perfect moving company then come to High Level Movers who would make your move a fun. Check out the following points to get away from all the hassle of managing your stuff while moving:

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Sort out

Deciding what to be moved and what not to be is the most crucial part of the moving process. Begin cataloging with bulkier matter like furniture, electric appliances etc thereafter moving on to the smaller ones like books, clothes, bathroom articles etc. You may categorize your stuff under all important items, treasure, discarded, and useless items.

  1. a)  All important items: The indispensable stuff that you will definitely carry along with you comes under this category. The things you are emotionally attached with like your favorite books, decoration pieces, furniture etc are all much loved possessions.
  2. b) Treasure: The stuff that has a good monetary value such as your jewelry pieces, antiques, expensive electronic equipment, etc fall under this category. These are the items that you will not easily part with.
  3. c) Discarded items: This is the most important category as you want to get rid of this stuff. Old clothes that you no longer wear, children’s toys, all items that have stopped giving you joy like an old piano, and much more need to be sorted out.
  4. d) Useless items: We often have a tendency to keep with us the broken and damaged stuff unless we take a decision to move.  Sort out all such material that has worn out and is of no use, as this is the right time to chuck it out.

Sell out

Plan a yard sale or garage sale for the belongings you want to sell out. You may also sell them online on popular sites such as eBay or Amazon. Clean up everything to be sold and get the necessary repairs done in order to get a good price. Estimate the value of all material to assign reasonable prices to each one. You can check out the prices of similar products on some reputed websites.


This is, of course, the best way to get rid of all unwanted stuff. Just think about all those underprivileged people who are in great need of what is useless for you. So it is always advisable to donate unwanted furniture, kitchen items, and knick-knacks. Your donations can serve a needy family for years. This helps to keep your moving costs under control and making someone’s day at the same time.

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Dispose of

Disposing of dangerous items and materials is one of the necessities of moving. Unsafe items such as paint, aerosols, poisons, propane tanks, loaded guns, kerosene, fire extinguishers, gasoline, fireworks, and pool chemicals are not even accepted at donation sites. Drop-off these things at your local hazardous waste management authorities. Make sure not to drop any of such products at your garbage as it will pose a threat to the public and environment.


While moving, recycling is the best alternative to divest you of all the hopeless stuff. It’s always great to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. So make a greener move, look out for a recycling center near you where you can drop your bits and pieces, thus get it converted into many useful objects.

Considering all the above points will definitely help you get ready for moving to your new home and make your move a complete fun.

How to make your new home ready for winters?

While getting yourself ready for icy winters, making your new home prepared for this long-lasting and cold season is the real challenge. Ensuring your new residence is arranged properly can save your capital while protecting your property for years to come. High level Movers are here to help you move to a new home in winters in a highly convenient and budget-friendly manner. A number of easy steps you can take to make sure your home is organized and ready.

1. Heat Things Up:

As you will enter your new home in winters you will need a fireplace to offer you with cozy nights throughout winters. So make sure that you get your furnace installed by a professional after proper checking. Get the latest heating systems embedded at the new house that will help you remain warm and cozy during chilled winters. Chimneys must be mounted properly by an expert as it will prevent carbon monoxide deposition. Buy a thermostat, a programmable one that will save money on heating costs.

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2. Get the plumbing done

If you are to enter a new home in winters, it is highly recommended to let a plumber come to scrutinize the piping. It will be extremely safe for you and your family if you get the pipes covered with a foam layer called lagging to prevent them from freezing and bursting. A skilled plumber will get every pipe in your home entirely prepared for the winter. On the arrival of winters, keep track of the temperature. The temperature could drop down to 19°F at nights, so it is advisable to twist the valve on to a slow drip. This will prevent the pipes from bursting even if some water freezes

3. Close up the leaks

Block all potential entry points for air as it will keep you and your kids protected from freezing cold. Put in weather stripping around the doors and windows. Caulk up the pipes or ducts traveling through an exterior wall around all entry points. Don’t forget to get your roof insulated as most of the heat in your house will get lost through the roof.

5. Cover up hard floors

Hardwood floors are not only cool underfoot in winter, but they also won’t help hold in any heat, so if you are not getting underfloor heating installed, it will be extremely helpful to invest in a rug or two as rugs as it would easily and effectively warm up your home in winter.

6. Cool Weather window coverings

Curtains are in vogue and perfect for pleasant summer weather but they would not be so good at keeping the heat trapped. Thus if you buy some layered or insulated curtains or roller blinds maximum heat will trap inside the rooms and will make you feel wonderful.

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7. Buy a Shovel or Snowblower

Keeping your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow is not only important for good views but also safety. Despite the cold weather, your neighbors will still use the sidewalk to take walks or take out their pets. So do not let the snow pile up on your sidewalks and driveway, make sure to buy a good quality snow blower.

8. Keep yard in good condition

Leaves will cover up grass and prevent the absorption of sunlight. So, make it a point to place the winterizing fertilizer on your lawn as it keeps the lawn nutrient-rich throughout the winter.By keeping in mind these important things to move, you can diminish the stress out of moving, and begin enjoying your new space.

Important Things to Do After Moving

Moving to a new city is not easy, a sense of anxiousness that you do not belong here. With time, a person adjusts to the new environment, but move can be really difficult especially if you are doing it for the first time. Some people have no idea how to plan for the move and what to do. The following points will help you making your move easy.

It will give good suggestions of what to do after you move into a new house. It is all about organization and time management. If you plan everything in advance, you do not have to encounter the stressful or confusing situations.

Unpacking is the first thing one does after moving but there are many other important things to be considered like changing the postal address, finding good health care providers and register your car after your cross country move.
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Following is the list what to do after a move

Manage your post move time

One is really happy and on cloud 9 while moving into a new home. Your post move period begins as soon as you step into the new house or apartment. No doubt there is a feeling of relief that you have finally moved into the new home but that is accompanied by post move stress and anxiety of arranging and sorting the things.

There are ample of things to do when moving into a new home and one is not too comfortable. It is really important to manage the post relocation time in the best possible manner through High Level Movers. They are arranging the suitable ideas to make your hassle free move.

Consider making a brand new to-do list and jot down the important tasks you will do once relocation is over. Moving to a new city includes new errands and new city tasks. Time is a crucial factor, so get down and start working.


When you move, there are mountain of boxes and as compared to packing, unpacking can be completed in time and at a much more comfortable pace. Unpacking is really crucial and is time consuming as one has to arrange each and everything properly. But there is no deadline to unpacking, one can do it easily taking time.
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There are some essential boxes you should unpack first, those which are filled with items of importance like the bedroom and kitchen items. Then one should move to the bathroom items as these are the essential things to be used on daily basis. As the first thing one would want to do is taking a nice shower and move into the comfortable bed to take a nap.

Unpacking is important and one of the first things to do while you move. But what is advantageous is one can control the speed to fit their needs.

Get acquaint with the new home

The new home is completely an unknown territory for you, so it’s time to explore each and every corner of your new house. Have a tour around the residence and look for the important places. Look if there are any signs of pre-existing damage, inspect the pipe leaks, and keep your eyes open if there are any pests or unpleasant signs of infestation.

Look for the fuse box and the important switches. The main water stop valve should be located if there are any emergencies and note the important readings of your water and electricity meters.
Take a round around your home and have the mental notes of whether or not your new home is adequately secured against theft or any destructive forces of mother nature.

If there is a small child at home, then new residence must be carefully child proofed as well. Look for the doors and windows and check if they are safe and the smoke detectors are installed or not. Check for the fire extinguishers that whether they are installed at important places or not. As you will know these important secrets, the better the new place will be for you.

Planning for a move and hunting the professional pre and post movers. High Level Movers is the convenient option in Toronto and other surrounding areas. Call us today for further assistance.

How to Pack Electronics For Your Move Appropriately

Electronic items are the most fragile items and the most difficult to move from one place to another. Packing up the electronic items is a strenuous task and can be messy for the ones who are not having any prior experience in packing and moving the items. Being acquainted with the technique on how to pack the fragile items can save a lot of time and money through the best movers in Toronto. Electronic items can easily break if they are not packed with the correct methods.

Follow the tips in order to pack your items appropriately.

Stock List

The foremost step is to make a list of all the electronics and items that you need to take with you during your move. Make a list for each box where you will keep your electronics and all important accessories.

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Hunt the Original Packing

The next crucial step is to look around the house or office for the original packing of the electronic items. This implies to the actual box in which your items came in. It is really good if you can find that as those boxes are designed in such a way that protects from the damage.

If you are unable to find the original packing, then find new packing materials.

Assemble Packing Materials

It is really important to have the effective packing materials. One should have the following:

  • Strong and durable plastic tape that keeps the boxes closed.
  • Plastic or bubble wrap which ensures full safety and prevents the material from scratch and damage.
  • Blankets that keep the fragile electronic items away from damage.
  • Robust and sturdy boxes that are  of large size
  • Zip ties

Packing the Electronics

It is best to pack each electronic item separately to avoid any chaos and chance of damage.

  • Before disconnecting any electronic item, it is eminent to click a photograph using a smartphone. Just have a clear photograph of the connection of wires so that you have no problem connecting them at your new place.
  • The device’s cable must be properly rolled up and tied with a rubber band or zip ties. Pack them in a plastic wrap to avoid any potential damage.
  • Next step is to take care of the remote controls. Remote Controls must be packed in a separate bag and if the move is a long distance, it is advisable to remove the batteries and keep them separately.
  • If you are having printers at your place, one must remove the cartridges and similar items too. This will avert unwanted spillage.
  • Packing the electronic items in the bubble wrap provides an extra layer. If the item is more delicate, then cover it twice.

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Temperature plays a crucial role

There are some electronic items that get damaged under heat and hence, one must be aware of the temperature.

For short distance moves, it is fine but long distance moves can possible destroy their efficiency.

Try to keep electronics on the top of other packages in the moving truck so that they are not damaged by crushing under other packages. One can also easily get them out first and unpack.

If the preparation of packing electronics makes you nervous, there are many reliable and affordable moving companies that have the professional crews to do the same. High Level Movers is the best moving companies in Toronto that can handle all the needs from packing, unpacking, and transporting the items.

Get Rid of the Clutter Before a Move

There are many moving companies these days in Canada handling the long and short distance move. Charges for each service varies depending on the type of work and number of boxes to move. While moving each extra box costs you and is added in your moving bill. There are many things in your current home or office which you do not need or use. It can be good to get rid of the extra clutter by clearing them off.

Sometimes it is a stressful task to take decisions about decluttering the house.

We guide some important steps for decluttering your items.

Make a Checklist

It is important to make a checklist of all the items that you want to move. Pack those items first that you do not need immediately after you move. Some of the items include books, decorations, showpiece, camping gear, toys and holiday items.

Keep going and packing all the items that you possibly need in your new home and put them in a packing box. Have a glance again at all the items and consider what it is worth taking to the new home.

You will surely find many things that are no longer in use and they can easily go to donation or in the bin.

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Emotional Items

We all have some sentimental items at our home which we keep away from others. Honestly, we do not use such items and it is important to get rid of the past items. Disposing of items that can cause you grief can make you feel better.

Managing the Box

Box must be organized while you pack and that is the most difficult part. Pick the spacious place in the home and organize all the packing boxes there by labeling it with the proper name and tape. Making a list for each box can be useful.

Involving Children

It is a good idea to involve the children during the move. Your children can pick their favorite toys and pack them. See their reaction without other items or the toys they no longer play with. You may find many additional items that can be thrown away.

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Being physically prepared

Decluttering and packing can cause both the mental and physical exhaustion and can effect’s one emotional levels. Try to follow a step by step approach and do the things in short periods that. Rewarding yourself after doing work can motivate you to carry out the other tasks easily. go out for coffee with friends or pizza as it can galvanize your mind.


Have all the cleaning supplies around you while you pack and do the cleaning side by side. One can also opt for the cleaning service. Try to keep the house in the normal state while decluttering and packing as the chaos can affect your mental state of mind.

Hope these tips will be useful and will help you in packing. If you feel nervous and stressful, we can help you out in sorting the items gracefully. Connect with High Level Movers, the best movers in Toronto.

How To Save Your Precious Time While Moving

Moving is not an easy task especially for the one who has no prior experience. We understand that moving time is stressful and time-consuming.

But one needs to do prior planning and manage the tasks efficiently for a smooth move. Let us discuss some of the time-saving tips during your move.

Arrange a Schedule

Last minute things cause hassle and stress. Moving demands a good amount of planning and it is better to start at least 1 month before you move. Take a notepad and make a checklist to make the process smooth. Plan to do the maximum tasks over weekends and make a weekly checklist.

Be stick to the schedule as staying updated with the schedule will help to avoid last minute problems and headaches. The dedicated hard work and checking the tasks time to time will make your move better.

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Sell Unwanted Items

If there are a lot of unwanted items in your home that you do not actually require and you don’t feel are required in your home. It is not a good idea to pack them, instead throw the unwanted stuff or donate in charity. Almost every household has many clutter items that are no longer required and selling them is a good idea or give them to your friends and family.

Packing System

A packing system is the best organization technique if you are looking out to pack your belongings in the best possible manner. Having a separate packing system for the different type of stuff will end up the things in the right room when moved into your new home. One of the best technique is using color-coding with markers such as blue for the washroom, red for kitchen etc.

If you have hired the professional movers, on a moving day, draw a quick sketch of the floor plan of your new home with each room labeled and hang it somewhere so that they can see it.

Buying Packing Supplies

Without packing supplies, your important valuables are not safe. Before your moving process, gather all the supplies including boxes, tape, bubble wrap and buy new if you need to. If you are already having suitcases, you can pack the items in them.

Use pillows, scarves, and towels to protect the delicate items. But better choose to hire the professional packers which would release the pressure from your shoulders.

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Improve Your New Home before Moving

New Home gives a feeling of excitement and while your new home is empty, it is easy to clean and paint and make any renovations or alternations if needed. Before moving your valuables, do an in-depth cleaning which includes vacuuming, dusting, and washing the floors because after moving, some places will be unreachable.

Make Your Home Ready For Move

Before the entrance of a professional company, you can make your home move ready for movers by unplugging the appliances and removing any wires. The path from the house to the moving truck should be clear and without any clutter.

Rent a Professional Moving Company

If you are moving for the first time and do not have any prior experience of moving, make the process stress-free by hiring a professional moving company. There are some moving companies that pack and unpack the items which eliminate another element of moving stress.

If you are hunting for the top-grade moving company in Toronto, High Level Movers is the perfect destination. We provide residential and commercial moving and packing services. Contact us to get a free quote.

Move Plants To Your New Place Safely

Plants are an important part of every house and they make a house a beautiful home. Plants are necessary for each and every home for mind relaxation and soothing atmosphere. In every family, there is a plant lover who spends months or years taking care of the plants. When you are planning to move your house, it is a difficult thing to leave them behind or giving them to someone else. After all who wants that their hard work goes in vain.

Plants can be easily moved, one just need to follow some essential tips and planning.

How to Move Plants

Beginning with, how you go about moving your plants is directly linked to what sort of plants are you having at your home and with what kind of plants are you dealing.

The potted plants are easy to carry and the process is simple. But outdoor plants that are big or larger indoor plants are bit complex to move and need careful planning.Professional Movers Toronto


We all have different sort of plants from small plants to big ones. Small plants can be easily moved since they can be easily kept in the open boxes for the transport. Take a good box and stuff the gaps with paper or bubble wraps so that the plants do not move around too much when you ‘re on the move.

There are some moving companies that are unable to transport the plants. In that scenario, it is best to keep them in a separate vehicle with you. Keeping them in separate vehicles is also good for the plants since one can regulate the temperature so that they are not damaged during the move and keep them happy.

Big huge plants may need to be trimmed or pruned so that they are easy to move. The weather can also affect the plant moving. If it’s really cold or snowy on moving day, wrap the plants in the newspaper to protect them and keep them warm. The plants are usually sensitive to climate or temperature changes, so protecting them during bad weather will be helpful.

If you are planning to move your plants at a long-distance, it is important to take care of them along the way. Treat the plants as your family members, bring them inside with you if it is a long distance move. It is not a good idea to leave it in the car as the weather can change anytime and if it gets too hot or cold, they could be damaged.

Also, if plants are really important for you, pay to get them shipped but it can be a little heavy on your pocket. If it is a long way to travel, keep them along with you.Long distance Movers Toronto

Outdoor plants are not easy to move and if the moving process is complex, leave some of them behind.

If your outdoor plants are larger, it is a good idea to trim them back. This makes them easy to move. Also, plants will be grown again when they will be planted at a new place. Take proper care of them and water time to time before moving. This will ensure that the roots are moist during the move.

If plants are smaller, place the root and dirt in the paper bag. This is better as compared to plastic bags as it allows the plants to breathe easily. If the plants are big, wrap the root in burlap so that everything sticks together. Keep watering the plants time to time if it is too hot.

As you move, keep the plants in shade for some time as some plants are really sensitive. They can get damaged with the temperature changes. Shift to the new home and replant everything as soon as possible. It takes some time for the plants to adjust with the new soil after you plant them again. With time and proper care, they will flourish again.

Seeking for a moving services to move your plants and other valuables? High Level Movers is the best moving company and our fast and reliable services make us the best in Toronto.

Essential Tips for Office Moving

Moving an office can impact the businesses majorly either they are big or small. A new space is an exciting thing whether the motive behind moving is more space or creating a new environment.

An office move is a big thing and must be done very carefully. Small things should be taken care of while moving and a proper planning and management are necessary.

It is a new and scary experience for some especially for those who are not having prior experience in moving. No need to worry, one just need to follow the simple tips. What you need to do is break the big tasks into smaller ones and make an office move checklist so that the move is smooth and stress-free.

Have a glance at the tips for a seamless office move.
Professional Movers Toronto Planning

Planning never fails, so it is best to make use of the documents, spreadsheets, and an office moving checklist. Plan in advance what to do first and include all the important tasks to be done either they are big or small. Jot down all the necessary details like the type of hardware to be moved and buying new stuff.

Also, assign duties to people, teams, and companies responsible for each of them. Follow a harmonious and balanced approach. This way your tasks are compiled into more manageable bite-sized chunks. The planning document is the first step for the move and shares the moving checklist with the required person so that they know what needs to be done.

Fixing a deadline

Planning the time before starting your move is necessary. An important tip to follow is to avoid moving during the busiest time of the year. Make sure that your business does not suffer while you move from one place to another. It should function smoothly and the work must go on.
Office Movers TorontoHaving a strict deadline helps in getting the things done more appropriately and efficiently. A deadline ensures that everything is done more effectively and efficiently. Having a fixed deadline ensures that the things are not procrastinate. No doubt deadline brings pressure along with it but is sometimes motivating.

Before Few days

Go and measure your new space four to six weeks ahead of the move. Analyze if any furniture is required for new space or if you want to order new chairs and desks for the employees.
Stock the Inventory and Essentials

Make an inventory checklist before your move like everything you need to buy. Examine what type of services are covered by your new office contract. Before moving, phones, phone lines, IT, insurance, business rates, and electronics must sort out.

Connecting with Suppliers

If you have regular supplies delivered at your office or business like newspapers, milk, fruits, it is important to connect with the suppliers to let them know that you are moving and giving them the new address. Also, connect with a good cleaning company so that they clean the space before moving. Hygiene is really important before moving to a new space.

Office moving is a complex task and must be done efficiently. If you are confused and anxious, it is a good idea to hire a moving company that can cater to your needs.

High Level Movers is the top commercial moving companies in Toronto and we make your office move effortlessly at an affordable price.

Moving to Canada tips and hints

More than 250.000 people move to Canada every year. Moving to Canada is a step forward for inhabitants from all around the world. So, if you think about moving abroad, and considering your options, make sure to take Canada into consideration. The standard of living here is great. Surely, it varies among cities, but, if you move to Toronto for example, you won’t make a mistake. Yes, the costs are quite high there, and in most big cities in Canada. But, on the other hand, you will have a chance to earn a lot more than you will spend. If you decide to move to Canada, here are some tips to help you with your international move. Continue reading “Moving to Canada tips and hints”



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