All You Need To Know About Local Moving Services

When a move is around the corner, you know there are lots of things to put in place and lots of effort is required to ensure you are hiring the right movers. You also want capable and affordable local movers to handle the project, but it is always advisable to put quality service first. Finding reliable and affordable local movers in Toronto can be quite a challenge, but not if you know how to go about it.
The first thing to know when moving or when hiring a moving company is that there are different types of movers in the industry. The one to hire depends on the type of move you are planning. While some companies are capable of providing all types of moving services, some are limited to a few. A local move is one of the categories of moving services offered by movers in Toronto. In this article, we’ve explained everything you need to know about local moving services. So, if what you are planning is a local move, then you are exactly where you need to be.

When do You Need a Local Moving Service?

Typically, a local move in Toronto is a move across all Grand Toronto Areas, as opposed to a long-distance move that extends across longer miles. As a highly professional, reliable, and experienced local moving company in Toronto, High-Level Movers have remained a reputable company that has been of quality service to many Torontonians. If you are moving across the street or just within the GTA, your move will be considered a local move. However, moving across a province to another is considered a long-distance move and conventionally an interprovincial move. There are laws guiding each of these moves, so you want to be sure you are doing everything rightly.

What You Need to know about Local Moving Services

With all that has been discussed so far, what counts as a local moving has been clarified. Now, let’s dive into more important things you need to know about local moving services in Toronto and how the services in this category are offered.

Moving Services


There are many local moving companies out there and there is no fixed rate per move for every company. Each of the companies you will come across in the course of your search have to consider several factors before charging you a specific fee. But since it’s a local move, you should be expecting a fixed hourly rate plus truck charge. 

Other factors to be considered include the items to be moved, the number of hours that will be spent on the job, the number of movers that will be needed, as well as the quality of the service the company believes they offer. For this reason, prices will differ from one company to another. 


Transparency is a quality you would expect to find in every business, but as it is in every industry, not every moving company is transparent enough. If a moving company is not transparent, you are going to have issues after the move, most especially when it comes to payment.
When you contact a moving company, you will be given a rate. Although, that should only be considered the base rate because the actual rate cannot be given on the phone until you’ve discussed everything involved and someone from the company has been sent to carry out an inspection.
Another important thing is to ask what constitutes an extra fee if there is. A transparent company must be ready to give you all the details you need before signing any agreement for a smooth and non-problematic service.

License and Insurance

There are no two options here and there is nothing you need to consider about a moving company without both license and insurance. Irrespective of who recommended such movers or what you’ve read about them, it should be a NO!
Anyone can easily buy or rent a truck and start a moving business. Although, they may not necessarily be running a fake business and they might actually know about the job, but it is never advisable to hire a company that is not known by the government and is not insured. Only the registered companies are legally approved to protect your belongings and only such companies should you hire for quality assurance.

Customer-specific moving service

You might choose to be more specific about what aspect of your move you would like the company to handle. If you are on a budget, this is a great way to save some cash. A local move involves more than just the transfer of your belongings to a new location. The service starts from the packing and loading of all the items in your home and ends when these items have successfully been moved to your desired or agreed destination.
However, you can make a local moving service more specific to your need and you will be charged less. As an example, you can choose to do the packing and loading of the items in your home or office yourself. In this case, what the company will do upon arrival with the truck is to transport your belongings just as you have arranged them.
At your new location, you can also choose to make the moving in and arrangement of these items a DIY project.


Just as you have done by reading this article, having an idea of how local moving services in Toronto works prior to hiring a company will guide you in your search. Now, you know what to expect and the important details to pay attention to. You may not only be using the company once, so the effort is worth it. Whether you are moving from your home or office, High-Level Movers will deliver a top service that will make your move a complete breeze.