Tips for finding cheap apartments for rent in Toronto

No matter what people might have told you so far – finding cheap apartments is never an easy task. This is a worldwide type of a fact. This becomes even less easy (if possible) in humongous cities. Don’t mistake what I’m saying with impossible. Not easy is very far from impossible. And the good part of it – once you succeed it will be that much rewarding. So, before you decide to dig into this venture you need to properly arm yourself with patience. Loads of it. And this is ok since you are trying to fulfill your fantasy with a budget that might otherwise prevent you from doing so. If your relocation is taking you to Toronto, and you wish to find cheap apartments for rent in Toronto – don’t fret. Also, if it’s a long distance move, make sure to consult long distance moving companies.

So we have agreed by now that finding a cheap apartment, that is still decent isn’t easy. And we have also agreed that it is far from impossible. We will focus here on a specific task at hand – finding cheap apartments for rent in Toronto. My advice is simple – stick to the knowledge and the know-how of people who have already gone through this task. That experience will save you a bunch of money and nerves, and will overall make it a far simpler task.

Cheap Apartments for Rent in Toronto – What to do?

Basically, you will have to understand that to an extent you will have to lower your expectations a bit since you are doing this on a budget. And this is fine, you know you are not looking for a penthouse. Just like you are not going to apply for a position of a senior graphics engineer straight out of college. It would just be nuts. So the most difficult task would be to be realistic about your options and lower your expectations in order to meet them. The rest will flow far easier. Now, here are a few other tips that are useful and that should make the process of looking for cheap apartments for rent in Toronto a breeze. Also, if you’re looking for affordable homes for sale in Toronto, we got you covered.

An old red house in Toronto
Follow these tips in order to find a cheap apartment for rent

Take Older Buildings into Consideration

Yeah, you didn’t really think about this, did you? Older buildings are a fan favorite option when finding a place on a budget. Why? There are a few benefits of doing it this way. First, try not to look at it as an “older building”. Try to look at it as playing it old school. It becomes far cooler.

Other benefits of looking at older buildings? First of all, older buildings will not fall under such harsh rent control. You will be looking at low-rise apartments that are going to be far more affordable. This fits in perfectly with your limited budget. Another great thing is that such flats are rented by ‘career rentlords’ who always take their time and resources investing heavily into the building itself. They will take such good care of the building solely because it is their main (and usually only) source of income.

….Or go Super New School Style

Building with cheap apartments for rent in Toronto
Look for older buildings or the ones that are not quite finished yet.

On another note, if old buildings are not the compromise you are prepared to make – you could look at super new buildings. When I say super new you should be reading – incomplete buildings. Even a half-built building. You will have to accept a certain amount of noise going on since they will be actively working on the rest of the building, finishing the other apartments – but in return, you will be paying far less.

These buildings usually need some sort of funding for the remainder of work, which is precisely why you might be able to snatch some pretty good deals. This will mean that you will receive a fully functional and completed apartment. The only downside is that the other ones may not be fully ready. And in time they will be. This is why when renting such apartments you need to be sure to sign a contract that will state that your rent will remain as low even when the building is fully completed. This prevents them from raising your rent drastically when the building becomes fully operational. You help them while they are still under construction and you get a long-term cheaper rent. Exactly what you’re looking for when trying to find cheap apartments for rent in Toronto.

Don’t Fly Solo – Use Real Estate Agents

Businessman holding thumb up
Hire real estate agent to find you the best deal

The best thing about this is that you will pay nothing for the service of such agents. The person paying those agents is the person trying to rent the apartment. Nothing comes out of your pocket. So to simplify it – you get someone trying to find an affordable apartment for you free of charge. It doesn’t really get much better than that.

Add to it the fact that you can give these agents a number you can afford and you will leave all the unpleasant haggling to them. So you tell them that the highest rent you can afford is $1200, and they might find an apartment that is 1500 for a lower price. They will take on all the negotiating for you. Brilliant!

Be Flexible

You have to be flexible. Extremely flexible. You’re doing it on a budget, so make sure to understand that not all the circumstances will be ideal. You might find a brilliant place in a crappy location. Or you might find an ideal location with not the ideal flat. This is ok, and this is something you need to prepare for. No better way to say it than to be flexible.

Also, make sure that the reach you have is very wide. Don’t rely on one source alone. The Internet will be a good source of information. Keep an open eye and an open mind and there is no limit to what you might find.

For everything else, the best movers in Toronto are at your service!