Avoid hiring low-quality movers

Once you start planning your relocation, one of the biggest challenges is finding good and reliable moving company. The choice is big, as there are many moving agencies on the Toronto market. And all of them are claiming that their service is the best. But the reality is not like that, unfortunately. Once you start looking for good residential movers in Toronto, you’ll come across a ton of advertisements. Important to realize is the fact that not all of those movers are good. And it’s not that all of them are scammers, but the reality is that many are low-quality movers out there. In order to avoid additional stress and complications, you need to choose very carefully. Even though many would say moving isn’t a hard thing to do, you need to know that they’re terribly wrong. Here are some tips on how to avoid hiring low-quality movers. Differences between high-quality and low-quality movers.

There are many things that are making a difference when it comes to the quality of movers. To be honest, it would take a whole day to go through every single one. Even though you can’t cover them all, you should know the biggest ones. Here is a list of characteristics of low-quality movers:

  • A low price of services
  • Cheap moving equipment
  • Untrained employees
  • Unprofessional business approach

These are things that should always be on your mind when hiring a moving company. Relocation is a very stressful project, and the last thing you need is more stressful situations. You need to do everything you can in order to avoid any problems. And the first thing to do that is hiring high-quality moving company for the job.

Few words about low-quality movers

Dollar sign on the paper
Low price can mean low quality of service

Once you start your research, you’ll have a long list of moving companies in Greater Toronto Area to choose from. In all honesty, that is a good thing. It is always better to have a choice rather than be without options. But, there is a catch. And that is to be able to recognize if the moving company is good or not. Luckily, that is not a hard thing to do. Speaking about differences between high-quality and low-quality movers, first thing is the price. If you come across a moving company having very low prices, it should be the first sign that they have poor service quality. It’s important to realize that the price of the service depends on the price of equipment used for relocation. And cheap equipment means poor quality. Additionally, it can lead to damaging your belongings during loading and unloading process.

Low price can also mean unprofessional staff. If this is the case, it can be even more dangerous than low-quality equipment. When it comes to moving, the human factor is the most important and it is in direct connection with the overall quality of the service. But, whoever wants to have the best staff must invest in training and education of its employees. This is where low-quality movers are making the biggest savings. This is where you need to be extremely careful. Always ask to see certificates or other proofs of staff’s training in order to avoid problems during relocation. Now, if you mix cheap-low quality equipment and untrained staff, you can only imagine what can go wrong. This is why you should never let the price to be the main factor when hiring a moving company.

How to recognize good and reliable high-quality movers

There are certain things that every decent moving company must have. Even though it doesn’t guarantee a hundred percent that they have a top-notch quality of services, it is something movers you hire must have. And it is not just about the quality of the service. If movers you investigate do not have at least one of following items, it can easily mean they are scammers. Therefore, these characteristics are essential.

Satisfaction guaranteed sticker
Know differences between high-quality and low-quality movers

Insurance and License

Speaking about fundamental things that movers you hire must have, insurance and license are on the top of the list. First, moving company must have a license for the job. You can easily check this in the national database of licensed movers. If by any case moving company do not have a license, do not hire them. This is a risk you can’t take. Not only that it is a direct indicator of low-quality movers, but you can have a lot of legal troubles as well. Furthermore, moving company must have an active insurance policy. In case of misfortune events, this policy can be activated in order to cover any damage occurred. Some moving agencies will offer you additional insurance for your belongings. If that happens to be the case, be sure you take that offer. Even though it can cost you extra few dollars, it’s definitely worth it.

Good online rating

There is no better advertising than a satisfied customer. This is something every decent businessman knows. Therefore, you need to check what previous clients of moving agency you want to hire have to say. Even though usually there are testimonials of clients on the movers’ webpage, do not take them for granted. These stories are always positive and do not mention any negative sides of hiring those particular movers. Hence, once you read those, try to find more stories on unbiased places such as internet forums. Experiences you found here are genuine and it will tell both positive and negative experience if any.

a finger clicking on 5-star rating
Always check the online rating of movers you are about to hire

It is very important to check these stories as they can give you a clear picture of the quality of movers you are about to hire. More importantly, it is the best way to escape Toronto moving scams, as there are fraudulent activities in moving industry. And hiring scammers is even worse than hiring low-quality movers. Be careful and be smart. Double-check everything before you make a final decision.